Thursday, January 22, 2009


The pattern VIRGINIA BOUND found in Bonnie Hunters book Scraps and Shirtails was put together using nothing but scrap pieces of fabrics. I really loved the look of her quilt and enjoy paper piecing so it was an easy choice to make. As I was joining all of the strips into blocks, a thought kept coming into play.....boy this looks nothing like her pattern.

As the blocks were joined together to make the 16 inch star block, I eased up a tad bit, but still was thinking to myself that this is just not going to be very pretty or even appealing. That is really when the decision to make a two sided quilt came into play.

I was having a very difficult time choosing the other side. My friend Maureen stopped by and was discussing projects and various quilts we were doing and wanted to try. Sun Bonnet Sue was mentioned by Maureen because she is expecting a new grandbaby and was trying to decide if she wanted to give applique a try and thought that Sun Bonnet Sue would be an easy and cute pattern to experiment with.

My father, who is no longer quilting due to his eyesight, had always wanted to do a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt but his eyes gave out before he could. Both of these factors hit the mark and I made my choice to do a Sun Bonnet Sue.

Choosing the fabrics was actually very easy. I chose the yellow background, but did not have quite enough so the white corners came into play. I went to my scrap bucket and began choosing any and all fabric pieces that would be large enough to do the applique. Since Sun Bonnet Sue is a "girly" type of quilt, I went with softer pastels and intermatched this way and that and they came together very nicely.

I found the Sun Bonnet Sue block in a book QUICK QUILTS given to me by Marie @ . I really enjoy this book and plan on making several of the quilt patterns in it. In order to make these blocks the same size as the Virginia Bound blocks, I had to add sashing. The picture above does not really do the fabric colors any justice. It is very bright and cheerful.

Once both sides were assembled, I chose to quilt each block seperately and really practice my free motion quilting. I did a fair job on quilting. I am getting my machine speed and hand speed closer to the same time. When you look closely you can really see how different the back stitches and front stitches are out of whack. But it was such a fun experience mixed with a few unspeakable phrases off and on. LOL. My quilting friend Maureeen called me a little showoff when she saw my blocks. We laughed (she is a beautiful quiltmaker) and giggled that I was actually accomplishing something she has not yet tried in this manner. But I bet it will not be long before she is playing and experiencing free motion quilting herself.

I was shocked and surprised at both sides of the quilt. Especially the Virginia Bound side, when it all comes together as a whole is beautiful. My first thought when seeing it laying was oh I must try this again with nothing but green strips in the center and light browns on the outer sides. I am thrilled with this quilt and hope it makes someone very happy.


  1. Oh my they are incredible. I love the Sun Bonnet one especially. I've been wanting to do one of those for years. You've inspired me, once I get a few of the tops quilted that I ready to quilt. Love the colors in that quilt.

  2. I love it, I love it, you did so well girlfriend. I really love the scrappy looks and then you out did yourself on the sun bonett sue so great. You are so cleaver my friend. I love your blog. Keep up the grand job. Hugs,,Marie

  3. I like the star side a lot...just scraps? beautiful! And Sun Sue is cutie too!

    Who is the lucky person who gets it?

  4. What a great quilt. I love the idea of a reversible quilt

    Love and hugs GIna xxx

  5. Brenda,
    Great job on both sides! Yes, you are inspiring me again. This one definately deserves a place on your bed, or back of your couch!!

  6. Brenda, very pretty--both sides! Have a great weekend.

  7. Brenda, this is beautiful! I'm so happy to be visiting your wonderful blog again. Hugs to you my friend.

  8. I loved reading this post. You make patchwork and quilting sound such fun (which it is and should be!). And well done on 2 great quilts!!

  9. I think they both are great. Job well done.