Saturday, January 24, 2009


While I was assembling these nine quilt blocks last night for some reason thoughts of my Grandma came rolling in. Because of my memory problems I do not remember but a few items. One of them is that she loved to bake and made some of the most scrumptous goodies. The other is that she could crochet doilies by only looking at the picture and have them match each stitch without another glance at the pattern. She actually could not read the patterns and somehow managed to make those small intricate stitches. Aside from the ones she made me while she was alive, I also have several she made right before she passed away.

I seldom put them out, I want them to last forever and pass them onto my daughter. Also, my grandmother at some point in my life had made me a beautiful quilt from scraps, all sorts of fabrics and tied together with yarn. It had a red and white backing; well from being used frequently through the years it was in absolute shreds by the time my mother convinced me to get rid of it.

I know many of you are shivering with dread! I at that time had not discovered quilting and no one else I knew did any quilting either. I had a very hard time parting with it then and now that I know how to quilt and know I could have "saved" it, I cringe when it comes to mind. While looking at these blocks, I just know my grandmother would be thrilled and proud that I have learned to make quilts. I think she would really like this one.

The block pattern for these were found at . I truly enjoyed making the half square triangles and quarter square triangles using her paper piecing method. Every piece is the same size and went together easily and quickly.

While browsing someones blog recently ( I made the note to press open the seams, but did not think to write down the information from the blog that recommended it....I am sorry I can not give credit where it is due) they recommended pressing the seams open. So I finger pressed each seam and then pressed each seam open. It really helped to make each block lay flat and undistorted in any way. This will definetely be a step I have tacked to my bulletin board, for in the future I remember to do this.

I only made nine of the blocks with the fabric I chose. Well after making these nine, I want the quilt to be larger. But do not have enough of the original fabric to make any more. Now, I must play the fabric shuffle and chose fabrics that will contrast and go together with the fabric blocks already.

The rain is pouring down buckets today, so it is another perfect day for sewing. So off I go. Have a great day!


  1. The rain, girl it's -30C here with windchill at -49C tonight. Today I've been quilting too.

    I love that block in your picture. So pretty. I'm always thinking of quilters from the past when I'm quilting. I never had anyone that quilted in my family that I can remember. There certainly were seamstresses, however not quilters. It's so neat that you were thinking of your grandmother.

  2. Hi Brenda, this is a very pretty block--my, you are so ambitious! Wow, it hardly rained here at all--funny how a few mountains between us changes the weather so much!

  3. It's amazing how much thinking you can do when you quilt :-)
    Lovely memories.

  4. Brenda, I love your blocks. We don't have the rain, but it's only been in the low teens and at 0 or below at night. Nice quilting weather.

  5. Brenda,
    I love your color choises. I think you are getting better and better at it, and your work is gorgeous! Perfect corners and points!
    I know how you feel about your Grandmothers quilt, but I think she would be happy that you "used it to death"!. I know there were some blankets I did not want my kids to use, but I hope the quilts I give away are used! I don't know how many doilies you have that she made, but maybe you want to pick out a few out to enjoy. I don't think they would get the wear of a quilt, and she would be proud you enjoy them. But definately save a few for your daughter. What a wonderful gift of love to have!!

  6. I love the block.
    what wonderful memories you have of your grandmother

    Love and hugs Gina xxx