Friday, February 13, 2009


heard the saying,


I am positive most of us have in one way or another.

Recently I was searching for something in the sewing room and ran across these fabric pieces and blocks. I did not put them in with the other fabrics so I must have had a plan at some point. Who knows what!

After working with the half squares in the last quilt; when I saw the floral pink with the white on white, I just knew it was a wonderful match. Problem number one: these blocks were cut close to being 3 inch blocks but not perfect (hee,hee,hee....must have been my earlier days).

I told myself at this point, "God gave you a brain, so use it!" I pulled out a ruler and proceeded to draw the diagonal line down the middle and 1/4 on each side. Sewed the pieces together and cut them in half. I knew they were not going to be perfect; so I made a template square that measured 2 1/4 fit the individual blocks the best. Next, I trimmed each square to the 2 1/4 inch squares.

Problem number 2: Browsing magazines, books and the internet I had seen many patterns that I wanted to try and would look nice with these colors. I only had so many squares which eliminated many patterns. I decided to look on Bonnie Hunters site @ and see if she would have any patterns that would work. Playing with Jacks caught my full attention and the choice was made. Now my blocks did not measure to her measurements, but I should be able to do the same thing with a little use of my brain.

Problem number 3: I had to choose one other fabric that would make a bold statement and go with the half squares. I have always loved purples and that is where I headed and found a wonderful deep purple with pink flowers. I loved the match.

Alright, this fabric would have to make squares the same size as my half squares. That should not be that big of an issue. Just cut 2 1/4 inch squares. Off to the cutting board and done in a short time. Hey this is going to look awesome.

Problem number 4: Time to lay out the positions of the pattern pieces. Now things are going to get complicated and make my brain work overtime. Which believe me it does not like to do at all!

The dark squares and light squares are not the same size at all, just a tad off... but creates a huge error if sewn incorrectly. My brain and I finally found the solution that would work. Line up one side even steven and then the other side would be the seam with enough to make a quarter inch seam.

Problem number 5: My brain is extremely tired of all this thinking, calculating and planning. But darn it, I am going to get this to work today! Remember, I tell myself, the hard part is over....this is a fairly easy block and should go together pretty nice from here on out.

NO WAY! Because of the way the seams had to be sewn together, mixed with the fact that the half squares had to go in certain directions.......oh my poor just had a heck of a time remembering the directions this one went and then had to change and go in another direction. My seam ripper was getting very tired also.

Many hours later, it was accomplished. Now just sewing the nine patch together into one block. That was not to difficult, except every now and then when my brain turned it all upside down...trying to remember which piece went where.

Problem number 5: I was so determined at this point to get all these blocks done that I sewed until 9 pm last night. My brain was exhausted.

Yet, I was really excited. I had managed to make these nine patch blocks that could be arranged numerous ways for a variety of patterns.

I had to lay them all out and play, deciding which route to go. I really wanted to go another direction, but with only a limited number of blocks it just did not look complete. The thought entered my brain for a half second (if that) that I could easily make more blocks with different fabrics. Boy did my brain reject that process quickly!

So this is the style that I chose; which I really do like.

I took this photo to show the fabrics a tad bit better.

I really am pleased with the outcome of this journey. But, in all reality....I hope the next time my thoughts bring up the saying....


I forget it quickly and stick with the directions skilled and brilliant quilters have written and tried; instead of my trying to fit this into that solution. LOL

Remember everyone, the only reason I had a hard time with this pattern is because of my brain injury ............not because the pattern is hard from Bonnies site. Her directions are clear and precise and wonderful.

Now off I go to sew the these blocks into the center of a quilt. Now that should be a very easy task for my brain today....only match up seams and sew. LOL. I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Oh Brenda, poor brain of yours... and now you have Maths problems too, because you numbered two Problem number 5:) lol... sorry teasing you. You see out of 6 problems there is only 1 solution.
    A beautiful quilt is coming to life...
    Very pretty. Well worth a brain injury!!

  2. Brenda, girlfriend I don't what am I saying, I know I couldn't have helped you but I so happy that your brain kicked in and you found your way.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

  3. Brenda, that block is awesome. I love it. It definitely is going to be worth the brain power you used.

  4. You did an awesome job. Take it from someone who does not have a brain injury. Sometime I start out and think, "I could make this little change and it will be easy" then I guess I don't use my brain, and it is never as easy as I think it will be. (This months posts cards are going like that!!)
    You did a great job, and I love your block.

  5. I love the block. I did notice how you said problem number 5 twice. LOL. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Your postcard is on its way. Hugs.

  6. The fabrics and colors for these blocks are really pretty! You did good, girl! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love your colors. Brenda. Your block is beautiful!