Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is the crazy quilt backing of the quilt pictured below.

I had so much fun playing and creating each block. I chose the light grayish blue border to calm down the effect a little and seperate the braided border.

I will definetely be doing this style again.

I was very leery of quilting this quilt. I have a history of creating large puckers!

My father was using the PFAFF, therefore the free motion foot was not available.

I gathered up my courage and my quilt, laid it all out nice and flat on the floor and began pinning.

I definetely have 42 year old knees! LOL.

I did not create any large puckers and actually only a few small ones. I just did a simple outline around the inner squares and the middle of each block. Nothing fancy or lavish, but it turned out great.

My family said it looked like a 3D effect.

Each time I make a quilt it brings such delight, I can hardly wait to start on a new one.

Plus, each time I quilt a quilt....the courage to quilt gets stronger and surer.

I also quilted another quilt that has been lying idle for quite sometime. I still need to add the binding. Will show it in another post.


  1. Stunning is the only word I can think of right now. I love your quilts. You do awesome work!!

    I'm so glad you mentioned about puckers. I don't get them on the front, however I do usually get a few in the back especially when it's larger than a single quilt. Glad to know others do too. I thought it was only me. I always think though they are what makes a quilt!!

  2. It is fantastic! You have TWO quilts in one. I like it very much. Your family is right. It is a 3D effect.

    I am still to learn to quilt a quilt and it nice to read about experience.

  3. Wonderful wonderful work girlfriend. Your colors are great and or quilting is sreally nice. Hugs, Marie

  4. I love the colors you chose on the green/brown/rust side and the crazy quilt side is awesome! Beautiful job. I love your excitement and enthusiasm, too! Is it snowing at your house today?

  5. What a beautiful finish.Pat yourself on the back. Job well done.

  6. Wonderful! Well done!!! There's nothing quite like a big finish!!! ;-)

  7. It is just great. I'd like to see a little more detail of the crazy blocks. I saw you had horses in the one block and what a neat effect!! It makes me want to see each of the other blocks. The front is a great work also, and I like your quilting! I'm beginning to think I need to send quilts to you to have them done! :-)
    Great job!
    Bigs Hugs!!

  8. Oh yes - what a fantastic finish !

  9. 2 thumbs up, girlfriend. Great job. I love the colors and the quilting.
    Suggestion: Knee pads......LOL