Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Few Things Going On......

Things here are just settling into a routine. No luck in finding a house/apartment to rent, so we are still with Shirley. Kevins mom is such a neat lady, but I have to laugh at her also. All her life she has struggled with money and they way that she deals with things show it. One thing that I am having trouble adjusting to, is the dry heat here and she has air conditioning, but refuses to use it. It is such a terrible waste of money! I just laugh at the situation and Kevin and I go to the Library and/or the Cafe and spend the majority of our afternoons! The people in those establishments welcome us with open hearts.

I have also decided, out of pure respect for Shirley, not to set up my sewing machine. Although I am missing it terribly at times; Kevins mom would have a heart attack at the number of hours I can easily spend each day on the machine. I think she would have a very difficult time accepting the waste of electricity. LOL. So, out of respect, I will not bring on a heart attack the first time she would get her bill. HEE-HEE! Even though we would pay for it.

I am learning new embroidery stitches and techniques in place of that. Eventually they will become quilt blocks. I have looked up several books, in the library, for instructions and various patterns. There are several instruction sections but very few patterns. So, I have been searching on line. Again there are many sites with both, plus I have found several books that are on my wish list. But, I went ahead and bought a kit with 4 quilt blocks, stamped and ready to embroidery. Then all I will have to do, in who knows when, put it all together into a quilt.

I also have been taking Dodger and Mighty Dog for walks throughout the day. The morning is our longest walk, several short strides throught out the afternoon and another walk in the evening. I have lost several pounds, yippeee.........well yesterday, we discovered that they have opened the public pool. So as soon as I buy a swimming suit, I will start going and exercising and enjoying the cool refreshing water as often as I want. Boy though, I have not been in a swim suit since before Dawn was born, over 23 years. I am going to have to really muster strength to show off my pure white, fat body parts, just to loose weight. Most likely, I will scare the dickens out of everyone and they will flee the continent!

Sorry I have no pictures to post..........Kevin does not have our computer set up and his moms does not take our picture cards. But hope that you enjoy a tad bit of my events and new experiences! Have a great day!


  1. You have a selfless, very sweet spirit, my dear, and it comes through in every post on your blog. You are a good daughter-in-law for giving up something you love so much and you honor hubby by doing it as well. I hope it won't be too long before you and Kevin have your own place and then you can get sewing again! In the meantime--happy embroidering!

    Are you in west Texas? I have family in Big Spring.

    Take care,
    Molly in Roseburg

  2. Sew glad you are back on line. I have missed your posts. It is very kind of you to put off something you love. You have a big heart. I am sure you will create many beautiful blocks by hand. I can't wait to see so pictures.
    You need to email me your new address.

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