Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Slowly, but surely, things are changing! This picture shows one small glimpse at what magical things shine down upon us. Almost every evening clouds gather and change from moment to moment, in every direction you look. The weather here in Texas is dramatically different from Oregon, but each offers a wonderful tranquility.
Aside from viewing the sky changing, several other things are taking place. This is a small community that we have chose to make our new home in; we are still searching for a house, but have made the decision to go ahead and become involved in the community. Last night we attended a City Council Meeting. Even though I had trouble following all of the discussions and agendas (you know my brain, it does not like to have new information to begin with and when you add several things basically all at once, it slows way down); I found it fascinating and discovered I want to be a part of this.
One thing that was mentioned was the need for citizens to be on a committee for Economic Developement. I want to try and make some sort of input........that will be decided after I attend the meeting and find out more information. Kevin wants to make an input also, his is more politically focused, but we are both excited to learn and do what we can.
My second agenda, began before we moved actually, I decided then that once we got settled I wanted to join or start some quilting club. The "library lady" as Kevin calls her, her name is Kelly and we stopped by the library this morning to get information on the Economic Commity....well she asked me if I would be interested in forming just such a group or doing something with teaching and sharing my skills. I was thrilled and started putting together a list of sorts to get a direction and ideas.
I went back to the library this afternoon and talked with Kelly some more, who called a woman that does some stuff at one of the local churches and set up a time for us to meet. Then another woman came in and when we were introduced, she informed me that my mother in law showed off each and everyone of the fabric postcards that I made for her and sent. This woman (I am sorry, I can not remember her name already....see to much new information for my brain to handle) really pushed for me to come tomorrow and said that they really needed someone who could organize and direct the activities. I am really excited about going tomorrow and meeting more people and seeing what we can all come up with and go from there.
I tried to find more of our pictures, but I evidentally opened the wrong folders and only got ones of the various cloud formations. Do not give up on me yet, I will figure out all of this stuff eventually and a day (of course).


  1. It sounds like you are really settling in and also diving right in to become part of the community. Small towns can be so wonderful--you know, I am a little envious of you! Brenda, please keep posting about your new life there; I just love reading about it--I'm sure others do as well. I can't wait to hear more about your quilt group!! Take care!

    Molly in Roseburg

  2. Oh Brenda, this is wonderful. I am so happy for you. Welcome to TEXAS!

  3. I have just been reading all about your move. I can imagine how much you miss your machine!! I missed mine for 3 months and now I am sewing again like crazy so you won't forget how to use it LOL.
    I wish you all the best finding a place to stay and a new circle of friends (and sewers!)
    Hugs, xka

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