Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Friends

Dodger, Mighty Dog and I take a walk every morning and we keep adding time and distance. This morning we went pretty much all the way around town. Every street we walk down we encounter dogs, they bark, growl and some even come up and introduce themselves. Dodger would love to play with each and every single one, Mighty Dog could care less he just wants to mark new territory. So we stop and go often. LOL.

Well in behind the aparment complex that we are residing in with Shirley, there is a beautiful horse that the owner usually has confined in an area, but now and then he lets the horse graze in the area behind us. Dodger has seen this horse several times from a distance, she shows off for Kevin once in a while and the hair on the back of her neck raises and she growls real big and tough like. This morning though, Dodger finally had the courage to go up close and actually see what this huge monster was.

It was so incredibly funny watching the two of them. The horse would move around and keep eye contact with Dodger, Dodger would crouch down, leap a few inches closer and closer (she really was bouncing and crouching) until finally she was close enough and they got nose to nose. Dodger was so excited then, she just knew she could play with this horse and rough house like her and Frankie used to do (believe me Dodger misses Frankie tremendously). The horse just kept looking at Dodger like she was insane and moved constantly to keep Dodger in eye view. After a short while, I decided to go and introduce myself to the horse also. The horse was very eager to let me pet and talk to it. Dodger on the other hand was not so sure I should be that close and she came charging in........the horse turned sideways and kicked outward. I called Dodger right away and ended our new friendship until next time. LOL.

Aside from our walks, I continue to go swimming whenever possible. Glenda, her grandson Collin and I all went for about 2 and a half hours. We had a great time; the water is so refreshing. A couple of other kids in the pool have decided it is really neat to have us there. I got to have a stand on your hands as long as you can contest, who can swim the longest underwater contest, who can be thrown the farthest by me contest, and lots and lots of chatter...........we all know how energetic children are, well by the time we left I was exhausted. I hope that this all really does help get me in better shape and shed a lot of excess weight, but no matter it is great fun!

Kevin and I went to the storage unit last week also. We dug out a bunch of sewing/quilting items. But somehow, I did not find the box that contains the bobbins to the Singer machine and missed the quilting rulers also. So until we go and search again, I will have to get by with what I have. Searching through the magazines and books that I have, I found a perfect project for Glenda and I to make for the bizarre. They are fabric gift card holders. Since Glenda has only done a small amount of sewing and she really wanted something easier than easier to get her feet wet with on the first project. This afternoon we are going to go to the Community Center and begin cutting them out.....will depend on time wise if we begin sewing or not today.

Best news of all though..........is we discovered a house that MIGHT be available after the first of the month. We have to get in touch with the man and see if they are still considering renting after the current tennant moves out. So please say a prayer that it will be available and within our price range.

Thank YOu and have a great day!


  1. Once again, Brenda, I'm loving hearing all about your new life!! Please know I am praying for you guys--hope you get the house!!

    Molly in Roseburg

  2. Hi Brenda, Sounds like your enjoying Texas and all that goes with the move. It is wonderful that you are sharing your talents with your new community. Love hearing from you. Good luck in finding a home just for you and Kevin I pay that you will get the house. Hugs, Marie

  3. Brenda your dog & horse story was too funny. I could picture everything from the way you described it. You should become a writer.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. It sounds like you are adjusting well. Don't be shy to show off your skills. You make beautiful items. Hugs to you.

  5. Sounds like your enjoying ....
    Brenda your dog & horse story was too funny........

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