Saturday, August 28, 2010


It has been a long time since I have been on the internet, let alone posted. But we are back online and I am ready to hope to hear from all of my friends once again!!!

Many things have happened ...... but most recently to begin

Kevin and I took a six week vacation and traveled to Grants Pass Oregon where we spent almost a month at my parents. They recently bought a new home and were just getting everything moved in. My daughter is staying with them while she attends college. We had such a grand time. From there we traveled to Colorado and spent time visiting family and friends and then went to Wyoming were we spent time with family and attended a family reunion. It was wonderful seeing everyone again. It was a great trip, but boy was it grand to be home once again.

Kevin and I went into Odessa one day to do a little shopping and pick up a freezer we had purchased. But while we were at our first stop, Kevin began complaining about not feeling right and having pain in his chest and arm. We went on to the second store and on the way out he informed me we needed to go to the hospital because something was not right....

I tried to kid myself on the way there that it was just heart burn, but in reality I knew it was a heart attack. Sure enough, he had to be rushed into surgery and had two stints placed. The real shocker came when the doctor informed us that his heart attack was extremely mild, what had caused it to occur is the fact that he has Artery Disease and all of his arteries are in terrible shape. Right now the doctors decided to let his stints heal and in six weeks decide what the next step will be. Medications will keep everything working smoothly until then. A total "WHAM" slam me in the face reality check!!!!

So we are waking up and facing realities, changing what we eat and living healthier. I am also Thanking God Almighty everyday and becoming a stronger Christian.

On a lighter note, we received wonderful news....a three bedroom apartment will soon be available (we are now very cramped in a one bedroom) and it has our name on it!! It is going to be so fabulous to have room to move around once again and actually unpack belongings we have not seen since leaving Oregon what a year and a half ago. Hee, Hee I am so excited and am really looking forward to all of the before, during and after WORK WORK WORK involved with it. I will once again have a sewing room and will be able to see what I actually have to make quilts with.

I am currently working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt. It is a slow, slow process. But I am enjoying it. I have rambled on enough....look forward to hearing from any and all of you


  1. glad you had a lovely time with your families... and so nice that soon you will get your home.
    very sorry to hear about Kevin's health issues and this is the time to really appreciate life. Warm wishes and keep well

  2. Oh dear. I was wondering where you'd gotten to. So happy your husband is feeling better and that things are turning around for you. You and your hubby are in my prayers. Looking forward to our blogging visits.
    Take care.