Saturday, November 6, 2010


The picture above is pieces of the Double Wedding Ring quilt that I began quite some time ago. I have always ooohhhed and aaawwwed over the quilts of this design; finally gathering the courage to make one myself.

I chose fabrics that I had on hand, plus purchased some of the greens and began the process. It has been a challenge at every level. Choosing the fabrics, tracing each peice, using scissors to cut each piece and pinning, pinning and more pinning, with sewing only taking a small portion of the time. I am actually going to finish all of the arches today. I was really excited about that accomplishment, when I realized that the next step is actually going to require even more pinning LOL over and over again at myself................but keep my laughter going and not giving up, just doing as I do and when it is complete be it next week or next year, being proud of myself for taking the challenge and learning that much more about quilting and myself!

Post more as the process continues..............let me know about challenges that you face while taking on a new quilt process; I would love to hear about it!!

This picture lets you see what Tigger and Dodger think about all of my time sitting at the table, drawing, cutting and pinning. Can you not see it in their eyes.....................


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