Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Appreciation

I do not spend much time on the computer, due to numerous reasons that no one is really curious about (so will not go there). LOL. But one of the things I do enjoy doing when I get my turn at the read blogs about quilting.

Quilting blogs are so fabulous! For me they serve numerous purposes....the best of which is relaxation! For some reason, reading about the events in the quilters lives really touches a special place in my being and helps me see things a bit clearer.

I oooh and aaahhh a whole bunch........the quilters I have read about are truly unique individuals that have so much talent; adding so much to the world. Which leads me to dream and imagine some day to achieve a fraction of what they accomplish. Plus, I am continually learning new approaches to problems, techniques, tools and so forth.

If you do not already search out new blogs, click on someones favorite blogs and visit a new blog. It is a great way to make new friends and see a little more of the quilting world.

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