Thursday, June 23, 2011


After I had bought my new sewing machine, Kevins mom gave me her sewing table that she was no longer using.  I thought that was wonderful of her and right away tried to put the machine into the section.  Well, the machine did not, the table itself was about 6 inches to high for me.  So it became a perfect cutting table, until Kevin got up the courage to work on it.  He enjoys working with wood , but does not have much experience.  I told him not to worry....when he got to it I would be happy.  No pressures!

As he began the project, he discovered that two of the main boards were actually split and pondered over replacing or trying to repair with wood glue.  He tried to save them, but they just continued to split.  So he salvaged some other old furniture pieces, stripped all of the wood down, sanded all the pieces, drilled the necessary holes and enlarged the sewing machine space and finished by staining....putting it all back together to fit wonderful. 

I have spent the last two days assembling binding and attaching them around flour sack fabric to make simple kitchen towels. It is so great not having to move the machine from sewing room to kitchen table.  It has a wonderful amount of space in front of and on both sides for projects and necessary tools.  Plus, having the built on shelves is a real bonus. 

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful man in my life.  I will definetely have to finish making the copier cover he has been asking me to make.  LOL.   


  1. You have a great hubby. The cabinet looks great!

  2. So nice to have a handy guy--he's a keeper!