Sunday, May 1, 2011


First off,  let me apologize about the quality of pictures.  Either my poor photo skills is the full reason or the camera is near the end of life.  Take your pick.  At some point, I need to let Savannah video or just take the pictures and we would have good pictures.  LOL.     Onwards....

For quite awhile, I have admired....ooohhhed and aaawwwed over so many glorious applique quilts.  So many are really absolutely breathtaking.  Even if  I do not hold my breath for a moment, I have to stop and admire all of the detail involved.  I myself have done a few applique quilts.  For me, I have chosen the fusible method for each and every one.  I have always enjoyed is fairly easy and uncomplicated.  No regrets what so ever!

But, I always search for applique methods....reading and trying to gain the courage to try the turn under method.  My few attempts in the past have really resulted in a mess.  Total frustration and give up quickly approach.  Recently I have seen a number of quilts that were so amazing....I just had to give it another try.

Knowing how likely I was to give up if it did not go according to my plan.  I decided to take a different approach.  I traced the design (one that does not have a lot of points and soft gentle curves, onto cardboard...cut it out and then traced each and every piece that the pattern said was needed.  In this way, I know that I can not and/or will not want to waste all of this fabric.  I also chose fabric that in my opinion had to be used for something special.

Next, after tracing each piece, I went straight to cutting out each piece.  No way to back out without having to really use brain power and come up with a technique to use all of these pieces.  Now, I have tried needleturn and am really rotten at it and get bored very quickly.  So, my next choice was the starch method or the glue method.  I gathered up the supplies that I thought were necessary, from other tutorials and articles found on the web and some books....which included Elmers Washable School glue, a can of  Starch (sprayed into be used as a liquid), not having any special tools I chose Q-tips and my seam ripper, scissors, iron and ironing board and my pressing sheet. 

Both the Glue and Starch have seperate pros and cons.  After several attempts at both, I really prefer the starch.  It is (in my opinion) easier and less messy.  I came to the conclusion that dabbing the starch on with the Q-tip along the outside edge works nicely.  Another option appeared before me....trying to turn the edges under with just the seam ripper NO WAY for me, just did not work.  Next option, freezer paper.  That worked, but I was still having issues with getting the edges to look per say "professional" and not just wonky.  So, I am pondering over what another solution could be for ME.

Looking around and starting to feel frustrated; almost go ahead and throw in the towel .....  the cardboard (tea bag box) shape was sitting next to the starch can.  Well it sure is not going to hurt anything,  might get to wet, well how wet can it get with a little bit of starch....OK lets see if this will work.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  Such nice sharp edges and aside from being time consuming, it is really easy to do this.  At this point, I know I will do another applique project using this method.

Again, I apologize for the blurry picture....but is it not just very neat and tidy!  I have no clue how long this procedure will take me LOL.  But, I do like the outcome of turn under applique pieces.  I am hoping to use embroidery stitches to attach it to the quilt....but that is another blog.    I love the fact that quilting is such a learning process and there really is no right or wrong way to do any part....just enjoy, play, learn and reap the benifits by snuggling with a special quilt each and every day!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by....I love to read your comments.

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