Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have been looking at various tutorials and pictures of Folded Star blocks.  Thinking they were so pretty and someday I just had to try and make one.

Well today was that day.  I chose 5 inch fabric scrap squares ....since I really did not believe I could make one, my fabric squares were not actually squared (thought if I really messed up, I was not going to ruin fabric of extra special importance).    But aside from making a tad bit out of whack in the ironing and folding, having them not perfect did not effect the outcome by much. 

Their are however some sections that did not lay down nice and flat when actually arranging the sections into the pattern.  I am hoping though with a little finangling and fidgeting, I can get each piece to lay down nicely.  I was so thrilled that I actually got it to look like an actual star....I just had to post and tell. 

I am so totally hooked!!!  Already planning my next one and have not even began to finish this one.   LOL.  So many are made into pot holders, place mats and pillows...I am really contemplating making a quilt top.  I wonder how many squares it would take to do a King sized quilt with just one star? 

Plus just imagine all of the fabric combinations....two  or a new fabric for each row....what about nothing but scraps.  My mind is just reeling the possabilities.  Here is the link to the site I found this on    http://keepitthimble.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/folded-patchwork-star.pdf  

I have not actually loaded it into one of my subsections (pages) yet, but will as soon as I am finished posting.  I have some other links to sites on this Folded Star method.  Each one is slightly different,  but they all produce the same result.  Have a great day....I am off to sew...sew...sew.


  1. Oh, I've seen these stars before but never knew how to make them. Yours looks great.