Thursday, July 28, 2011


I just finished posting on my blog SCRAPS WITH ATTITUDE about getting my sewing room and fabrics organized.  It is a long term project.  Actually, in reality, it probablly will never end.  LOL.  But that is alright, even though it can get tedious and boring at times, other times it is fun and exciting.  But, I have promised myself not to begin any new projects until this segment of the organizing is completed. 

No problem, I have a couple of long term projects started.  Let me share them with you.

This is a big piece of material that after numerous hours of searching, I just could not find the right block/project to actually cut it up.  So, I decided to try the Trapunto technique along with free motion embroidery stitches.  I am really having such fun with this, I could easily sit at my machine for hours and hours doing it.  But, after doing that one day and discovering the pain it caused with my hip bursitis and the lower back pain from getting up close and personal with the stitches ( I really need bi focals and maybe even a magnifying glass).  I would not do that again.  So, it has become a long as it takes quilt. 

I am really disappointed in the picture.  It just does not show any of the effects created.  I apologize.....but take my is really wonderful.

The second project really is not long term,  just one of those I have to do this projects.  Sewing patches on jeans.  It seems almost overnight, every one of hubbys jeans have shredded sections or have completely torn.  So, I must take the time and effort needed and repair them.  Why not just go and buy new ones...well money for one, the second there is nothing wrong with them aside from these annoying areas.  So why not save money and use up some of my jean scraps that I just finished cutting a few days ago!

The third project is a scrappy pinwheel project.  I am not sure when I began making these, but slowly the pile is growing.  I know I wanted to use up some precut 5 inch squares my mother in law had given me that were not perfectly sized.  Perfect for practicing half square triangles!  So I just pull out some light squares, spend an evening drawing the center line and the 1/4 inch line on both sides of that ...another time sewing as many together as I am inclined to do.  Another time spent cutting them apart, pressing them, sizing them and then assembling then into pinwheels. 

I know that at some point, they will be made into a quilt.  But, I have no definite project in mind.  Oh, I almost forgot....they also make wonderful practice pieces for FMQ that become pot holders. 

Well thanks for letting me share once again.  I hope that you are having as much fun as I am in all of my quilting adventures!

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