Friday, September 30, 2011


 This area is now organized by color and all the fabric is Ruler Folded .....I think it looks Beeeuuutiful...........
 I have emptied over 7 totes and three of these totes hold nothing but blankets and batting for quilting...I admit that I still have one of these totes to go through.
 I realize that the angle of this picture makes it look messy, but it is a dream come true.  Each one of the containers contain specific sized fabric squares...seperated into lights and darks.
 This is a before shot....such a disaster.  Now my Metal bakers rack is totally free of fabrics and can be used for current projects  and quilting tools.
This is a shot of the closet, missing  many of the totes (stored in another area of the house).

I apologize for not being on my blog for so long.  But, I have devoted the last few months to nothing but getting my sewing room organized.  It has taken me many months and tons of hours.  So often I wanted to just stop and begin working on another project.  But, I refused to let myself. 

I admit that I still have one tote to go through and ruler fold the material and cut any odds and ends pieces of scraps.  But, I wanted to share my excitement after I got everything put where I wanted it to go.  I even broke my rule of no quilting of any kind last night and did a free motion quiltnig practice on one of the unfinished projects. 

Now,  I have to work really hard at keeping it organized! 


  1. Good job! Sewing is so much more enjoyable when we have an organized space, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this with us!

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  3. You go girl. Sewing and life will go a lot smoother when you're able to find all your quilting things. Looks great!!!