Monday, October 10, 2011

Completed Projects

 While getting the sewing room organized; I ran across this lonely applique block.  Not sure if I would ever make another one, I decided to do some free motion quilting practice and bind it.  I really enjoyed doing the bubbles.  To me it makes it look as if the flowers were arranged and placed on top of gravel as a special tribute.  After completing the quilting, I did a simple binding and decided to give it to my sister in law for her birthday.  She was tickled pink and could not show it off enough.

This is a folded star block that I made and put a border around.  Again not sure what my original project was....I decided to practice free motion quilting and bind it.  It now sits on top of a end table and makes a wonderful coaster/decoration piece.  


  1. It's amazing what we find in our sewing areas.... LOL

  2. These are lovely Brenda! And isnt' it nice to have little quilted "thing" here and there around the house.