Monday, March 26, 2012

Fabric Painted Blocks and Thread Painted Blocks for a baby quilt

These are my first fabric painted blocks.  They turned out alright, but nothing extra special.  In my opinion a very young child could have done just as well or probably even better.  LOL.  But, it was a learning experience.  I rather got bored doing them.  I am not sure if it was the way I chose to do them or if it just not going to be something I really like to do. 

I traced the picture onto Freezer Paper and then cut out individual pieces and ironed it onto the fabric (example the windows of the car and the outer section of the tires) then painted those sections; moved it to an area in the spare bedroom to thoroughly dry.  Then did one or two sections on another piece and so on and so on.  Then the following day, I would take the freezer paper off the sections that I had painted the day ironing on another section and painted.  You get the picture.  Well, it took over a week doing it this way. 

I chose this way because I know I am not an artist and really wanted per say to stay within the lines.  The next project I try, I will definetelly give myself the opportunity to paint outside the lines.  Now, these blocks are not finished.  I have to iron them to heat set the paint and then I am going to do some free motion machine embroidery and hopefully liven them up a bit.

 The two blocks above are going to go into the quilt with the painted blocks.  Again, I did not want to paint outside the lines and I thought that both of these blocks had to many pieces to paint after doing the other blocks.  Yes, I chose to be lazy and to do something I really enjoy instead.  Thread Painting.....YEAH!!!!  With these blocks I really improved on keeping the fabric moving constantly and did not end up with big globs of thread on the backside.  I need to improve on getting into tiny corners and sections.  It is difficult to move the fabric and not go outside the area and not get those big globs.  Hopefully practice will improve my technique.
Last, I just thought I would share a snapshot of the beautiful shades of yellows in this sunset.  The way that each "area" has a completely different tone and shade and slowly changes colors all the way into the blue sky.  Almost every night, I go and catch the sunset here in West Texas.  They are incredible and vary every night.

Well thanks for letting me share and I hope that you have a wonderful time creating.

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