Friday, March 8, 2013

Chicca is helping once again!

 Dodger and Colby were taking a long nap while Kevin and I were busy doing things around the house.

 The last few mornings have been chilly and frosty.  The mountain tops around us actually had snow.  It is always a beautiful peaceful sight, we really enjoy sitting on the porch looking at all of the scenery and listening to the dozens of various species of birds singing in the morning.  In the evenings they are joined by the frogs.

Chicca has once again began to take part in my quilting.  When we lived here before, she was always a part of the scenerio in the quilting room.  Especially loved examining new fabrics and laying on the sewing machine while I was stitching.  After our move to Texas, Chicca rarely joined me.  Although she has not returned full circle, she has at least been inspecting what is going on at the table with cutting and trying out various fabrics.  I really hope that she continues to come out of her lonely world of hiding in the cupboards and being an important member of our family again.  Our thoughts for why she went into seclusion is that our first months in Texas were spent at a home (kevins moms) where she refused to run the air conditioner.  It was so miserable for us, now add 30 lb Chicca with all of her beautiful thick coat of fur.  But even after we moved into our own apartment and ran the air, Chicca very seldom came out from hiding and that was just for short periods of time. 

Well she is out more and more all of the time.  Even venturing outside and teasing the dogs once again.  I am putting sashing strips around my Dresden blocks right now.  This quilt is for a contest from the Quilt Hop along the Oregon Coast that Maurene and I went on last month.  Maurene has her quilt finished!  It turned out fabulous.  I am slowly but surely getting mine together.  Will post photo when the top is completed.

I hope that you all have a wonderful creative day!

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