Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I purchased the book SOPHISTICATED STITCHES designs for Quilting, Applique, Sashiko and Embroidery by Don Linn several years ago when I was really trying to learn free motion quilting.  I have pretty much lost that endeavor.  LOL.  Yet, this book has been a wonderful asset for applique and hand embroidery patterns.  I chose the center section of the photo above from this book and will be doing hand applique in the middle of the DWR block.

The swirling pattern, surrounding the center heart pattern, I found on Mary Corbets Needle and Thread blog site.  Here is the link...     Mary has a spectacular site filled with tutorials, tool information, video tutorials, links to a variety of stores and other sites and loads of free patterns.  I highly recommend her site to anyone who does any type of hand stitching.

I am not positive if I will use the swirling pattern like I had originally planned to, when actually placed in the center of the DWR block (for the life of me I can not think of what the shape is called...sorry) it is just far to crowded.  I will have to play a tad bit and see if it will fit elsewhere.

I traced around each heart piece making a master copy and then traced around the cut out piece onto the back of a Ritz cracker box.  These type of boxes work excellently for creating templates for applique.  I do not enjoy needle turn applique, yet I like the turned under method.  I have used this type of template with the starch and iron method various times and really enjoy it.

Yesterday afternoon, while talking on the phone with a dear friend, I cut these pieces all out and planned on starting.  But hubby and I went into Mom and Dads and played a few games of Wahoo instead!  It is such great fun to play the game and spend time with my parents. 

After getting home, I laid out all of the main fabrics that will be used and then went searching for bits and pieces for the applique.  These are all of the fabrics that will be included in this DWR quilt.  This is going to be a long term project due to the decision I made with turned under applique and hand stitching each piece down with hand embroidery stitches and DMC threads.  Therefore, off and on, until it is completed I will post updates of my progress. 

Have a wonderful creative day yourself!  Brenda


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    1. There are so many beautiful motifs, also quite a few that are so unique and another bonus is that you can become creative and combine various aspects of each design to create a whole new motif. I would recommend this book to anyone who hand quilts, hand embroiders or machine quilts. I also highly recommend Mary Corbets Needle and Thread sight also.

  2. Everything you showed us here look promising. I'm looking forward to seeing those appliqués!