Friday, August 28, 2015

As the Season Changes

Hubby and I live in a rented older mobile home.  We were given some carpet from a neighbor who replaced the carpet in one of their rooms.  We were not quite sure if we wanted to lay it out or not, but since colder weather is approaching and our tiled floors throughout the entire house get very cold, we went ahead and emptied the living room of all furnishings and laid the carpet down.  We can not attach it so it will have a few little bumps in it for awhile until it all slowly begins to settle in place.  I really love tiled or natural wood floors, they are so easy to keep up/clean especially with living in the country with 3 animals that not only love to roll around in the grass and dirt but shed like crazy; it is great to just run the dust mop around and about and gather it all up once to twice a day.  But the animals already seem to love the addition, all three of them were all sprawled out in various corners snoring away last night.

My Singer 301a was one of the first items to be put back into place this morning.  I took her completely apart and did a thorough dusting job, then took a tea towel and gave her a polish with some furniture polish.  This machine was given to my mother by her mother when mom first got married.  The local school was updating their out of date sewing machines with some new fancier ones.  I bet they wish now they would have held onto these wonderful work horse machines that pretty much everyone would love to have.  Through the years various things have happened and when she was passed onto me, the only stitch she will do is a straight stitch.  I love to piece all of my blocks with her, she is wonderful.  Today, her and I are going to get the remainder of our steps for the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along all sewn together and wait patiently for the final steps to be posted in September.

 We are on well water and do not water but what is necessary during our growing season.  Our garden failed miserably this year but the sunflowers grew tall and proud and each one has several flower heads as in this photo.  The bees are going bonkers with them.

 This is the start of a Butterfly Bush.  A friend brought me a tiny little stem for a start and it has just taken off fabulously.  Next spring it will be planted somewhere close enough to watch it blossom and grow.  Already several butterflies and bees have made it a daily visiting spot.  My daughter has one and hers is no bush, it is a monster of a tree now.  Mom, me and my daughter just love it.  She has even cut it completely down to the ground a couple of times and it just continues to flourish.  So I am hoping for the same result.

 I love the light yellow shade of this sunflower.  I do think though, I will let my hubby be the planter of the sunflowers from now on.  Every time in the past I have planted them, they were lucky to get to be a foot tall.  Hubby planted these this year and they are close to seven feet tall with so many beautiful flowers.  So yup, sunflower planting is his responsibility from here on out.

I read online that it was easy to grow Pineapples.  I followed the instructions and within a month, they have developed their roots.  The next step is to get them transplanted into pots and get them moved inside for the winter.  Although we rarely get below freezing, it does happen and from the article they do not like cold.  I am looking forward to seeing how they do over time.  I even got one started for my daughter, but guess who decided it was theirs...yes, my mother.  LOL.  It is not a problem, the next pineapple any of us gets can just be started like this. 

Well thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you have a wonderful creative day!   Brenda

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