Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flourescent Skulls

 I have made quite a bit of progress on this quilt.  But at the same time, not enough.  LOL at myself.  I have several projects in the works, which is very unlike me, and it has meant slow progress on all. 

Miss Dodger refused to look my way for the picture.  She is a little upset with me because she wants to go outside and play with her tennis ball.  It is a tad bit chilly here today with the possibility of rain.  I will take her out in a short while and let her and Mr. Shakes run off some energy.

Oh my goodness, another rotten picture from me.... well hopefully by the end of today this quilt will be finished.  I will then have hubby take the pictures!  I am positive it is wide enough, but not quite long enough.  I have been thinking about a couple ways to use up the remainder of this skull fabric but have not laid it out or anything to see what I will decide.

I am also going to try and add some more links on my sidebar.  The links are blog sites that I visit often and have spectacular tutorials and events...like link parties as one example.  So I hope that you will click on them and spend some time looking around.

I have a busy day planned so had best get myself going.  Have a wonderful creative day!


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  1. Hi Brenda . I love the vibrancy of the yellow quilt . Look forward to seeing the final photo