Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Well hello once again!  It has been quite awhile since my last post.  Just a lot of life and problems with the computer to boot.  Hopefully, I will keep up with posting on a regular schedule and even make a few tutorials. 

I really enjoyed the Daffodils this year.  They bloomed and stuck around for over a month!  Actually, there are still a few of them still showing off their grandeur as the tulips are beginning their journey of blooming beauty.  I have been being tempted by spring fever greatly this week with the sun shining, the temperatures warming into the low 70's and perennial bulbs peeking out every where in my many tiny to somewhat large flower beds.  This year I bought about 10 varieties of a mixture of perennial flower seeds for sunny areas.  I did not find any for shaded areas; which is the areas I truly need to focus on.  The store we were in just had a small variety as they were just getting set up, I will check back and of course check other local stores for seeds, bulbs and plants.

 Since our old computer crashed, hubby is slowly teaching me the new system of Windows 10.  He himself is having some difficulties.  I guess after we reach the golden age of 50 we just do not like to learn new operating systems on the computers,  Especially when the last system was just fine and dandy the way it was!  But we will eventually get it all down pat just in time to learn the next new system.  LOL.

Mr. Shakes recently went in and had his Spring Grooming session.  Is he just not so handsome, especially with his Mohawk!  The Mohawk was hubbies idea and everyone has just loved it so much that I doubt we will ever change.  Although, I have thought about dying it blue. 

Miss Chicca is well Miss Chicca!  I know that she is feeling her age this year, even after her vet visit and him informing us that aside from Chicca being extremely overweight she is extremely healthy and will probably live another 10 years or more!  Totally amazing because seriously all she does is eat, sleep, eat move from one room to the other and sleep some more.  But this is the first winter that she did not want to go outside at all.  Now that the weather is warming up she is once again outside. 

Miss Dodger is definitely showing her age....look at all that grey!  She matches me!  LOL.  She has also developed arthritis in her hips and has a harder and more painful time playing with her tennis balls.  She still loves to take naps in the chairs, on the couch or especially on our bed!  Little Colby is loving his life with Savannah in the big city.  They go to a dog park and he gets to have peeing contests with other male dogs to impress the female dogs that Savannah informs me he really likes!  Sure do miss all of them!  Hopefully sometime this summer we can all get together for a camping trip.  Plus, hubbies two sisters just might be coming down again!  That would be great....only I need to get both of their quilts made also on top of all of the other project quilts that I am working on!  Yikes!

Deanna and I decided to play with ribbons one day instead of sewing/quilting.  It was a lot of fun and will be doing this again.  There are so many things that can be done and made with ribbons it is amazing.  Go and check out some of the Pinterest posts and you will most likely be amazed.  I have a fun time pinning ideas and future projects ( that 99 percent of will never be accomplished in my lifetime).  It is just fun to dream and see what other people are making and creating.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope that you have a fantastic creative day and hope that I will be back again soon to post again.  It really is fun to write and keep track of some of the activities of my life!



  1. What a wonderful post Brenda. Sure will be nice next time we get together. I can't wait for you to see the little ribbon maker I got for you

  2. Well well well...I followed you here from the Summer Solstice Quilt Along email. I am commenting on it. I think it will be lots of fun