Tuesday, May 31, 2016


First reason I do not post very often is because the main computer seems to be always occupied by my husband whenever I think about posting something.  My laptop does not do pictures and has no sound; but I am thrilled to have it for browsing the internet.

Hubby and myself have disabilities that take awhile to cope with and get going in the mornings.  So we both sit and do the browsing and whatnot on the computers.  Then I usually get up and start doing the household chores and such.

 This picture really has nothing to do with the reason just mentioned above....but it does have to do with the whole of the reasons I do not post very often.  LOL.

Deanna and I each made our own gifts to each other for Mothers Day.  We chose to make sewing machine storage pockets.  They were so fun to make and are fabulous to have in front of the sewing machine for things such as extra scissors, pencils, special threads and so much more.  I recommend any one who sews gets or makes one of these, they are fabulous storage of sewing gadgets!

Reason number 2 that I do not post very often is because in all honesty, I have been creating and sewing quite a few quilts.  Some are projects that are taking time, like the Double Wedding Ring Quilt I am specially making for a very dear friend/she is more like a second Mother to me.  Plus, I made three quilts for my only Niece who is expecting this families first baby in over 20 years.  She is going to be having a girl!

 This quilt is actually more the size for a large lap quilt.  I found the pattern in a quilting magazine and thought it would be fun to make.  It was so much fun putting the blocks together that pretty soon I had 12 blocks!  That's alright, the baby will just be able to use this quilt for a very longgggg time.

Ooops I am sideways.  Sorry did not catch that when I was choosing the pictures. This was the second quilt I made for my Niece.  I just fell in love with the flannel fabrics I chose and it took me quite awhile to decide on how to put it all together.  Just from browsing the internet on Other Fabulous Blog Sites and all of the free patterns that are offered.  I came up with this design.  Again, I am not a Pattern Designer by  any means, but after quilting for so many years coming up with a pattern that just uses strips and squares is not really all that difficult.  Yet at the same time it is really challenging at the same time.  I am sure anyone who designs knows what I am babbling about.  But this was a fun quilt to do!

 This is a picture of the back of the flannel quilt above.  My Niece loves red and the fairies I just loved and decided it was perfect!

Onto the third reason I do not post very often.

Deanna and I get together at least 3 times a week, sometimes she just goes ahead and stays for the entire time and we get to sew all we want!  Which is fabulous...but in all honesty, it also takes away from the computer time.  Who has time to post pictures and write about them when you are laughing and having a great time with a friend who is also creating quilts!

This is one of Deanna's first applique quilt tops and she is very nervous...but believe me, she is doing fantastic!  This is just the step of making sure every piece is attached.  She is doing fusible, but we found a couple of spots that a tad bit of Elmers Washable School Glue came in handy.  Hopefully, in a few days I will share the finished quilt.

So no matter how much I do enjoy blogging, sorry everyone....I just do not post often.  I had high hopes at the start of the year and even wanted to do some special guest posts....I just have not made it to that part yet!  Lets see if over the next month, which is June, and see if I can get back into the swing of things and start posting again. 

I do appreciate comments and will try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank You for stopping by!    Brenda


  1. I just love your baby quilts!! The first one you showed is on my to do list. Deanna's owl quilt is as precious as can be too! I look forward to seeing more when your not busy having fun with your friend. (I'm patient, I can wait..hehe!)

  2. Hi Breanda, love the quilts you share. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your sweet comments. Please know that you encourage me!