Tuesday, October 30, 2018


These star blocks were fun to make.  Yet, the entire quilt has taken me quite a long time to complete.  In each of the blocks, 3 varieties of purple fabrics were used and one white background.  Although I had selected a large variety of purples, quite a few of them had to be used a couple of times.  It is rather sad that our bed is only a queen and the quilt is made to fit a California King.

I folded one row completely under in order to keep it from touching the floor.  My wonderful dog Dodger is black and turning grey and sheds enough hair every single day to fill a coffee can.  The vet has informed us that some dogs just do this, we were worried she was sick or very stressed.  Yet, she has done this since she was a puppy and has never had any bald spots.  Oh yeah, back to the quilt.

In this photo, many of the purples look dull and actually not any shade of purple.  I totally am in love with the quilt, but at the same time can not wait to mail it to the special friend that it is for.  I was going  to put a scalloped border around it and found a fantastic video tutorial, but things just did not work out for me.  I will have to try again on another quilt.

While finishing this lovely huge quilt, I began organizing my fabric/guest room and became overwhelmed with the number of unfinished projects that I have accumulated.  Both in quilts and hand embroidery projects, plus even a couple of blouses that need to be finished.  I have several friends online who post blogs daily and are such wonderful people, because of them and their unknowing influence, I am definitely going to start blogging once again.  This go around is going to be mainly about accomplishing finishing each and every one of my unfinished projects and once in awhile doing some of the home improvement projects that I have wanted to do and also creating a quilt that I just feel the urge to.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I love to read comments and will respond as quickly as I can.  Have a spectacular day tomorrow!


  1. Hi Brenda! What a beautiful finish that you share with us today!! That block is deceiving small looking in the first photo, because when you see it on the bed you realize the scale. What is the name of the block, do you know?! I really love it in the different shades of purple (and I'm not even a purple fan!). What a lovely treasure for your friend. They will just love it and feel all the love you have stitched into it. I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed with unfinished projects. I would start with a list of every single thing. Even if it only needs the binding tacked down, put it on a list. Then organize it into ones that you actually want to finish! Maybe you don't like some of them any more? Maybe they need to visit a friend who will love and adore them, and finish them. I'm so glad you're going to be blogging more - how can we help and encourage you if we don't know what's going on?!! Happy Halloween! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What a beautiful finish! Glad to see you posting again! Give Miss Dodger a scratch behind the ears, and save a few for Mr Shakes too.