Friday, June 20, 2008

The Good and The Bad

I have been busy doing all kinds of things (some good, some bad) the last couple of days. I have been eating really healthy and am very pleased with myself. I have been making a few fabric postcards and a couple of nightgowns for myself in the way of sewing. I was trying to motivate myself with some scraps...but nothing really came of it (put aside for another time). Have been pulling weeds and watering everything; wasn't it just a few weeks ago and we were being drenched. Maureen and I have been walking either once or twice a day.

Yesterday, Dodger and I went to Grandma and Grandpas to mow the front and back yards for them. No problem. That is until Kevin, Grandpa, Dodger and Frankie decided to play ball; Kevin threw the ball just as I turned the mower and WHAM two dogs rammed into my legs. If I hadn't the handle to hold tightly, I would have landed hard. I am really lucky no bones were broken, imagine my 60 pound (all muscle) puppy and 12 pound Frankie both running at 20 mph crashing full force into my legs at the same time. Quite painful, I am limping a little so am sure I sprained my ankle. When I went into the front lawn the boys and Dodger all continued to play ball. Frankie took a spill and he is also limping.

Frankie and Dad stopped by this afternoon to check on how I was doing on everything. Dad was greatly disappointed that I have not completely given up the cigarettes. I am only smoking about 8 cigarettes and they are rolled by me (so believe me, there is not much tobacco in them; mine are all funny shaped and have big gaps---I suck a lot of air). In another 2 days I will be back to smoking nothing and am prepared for the withdrawl symptoms and won't panic this time when my body and brain are fighting desperately to make me believe they need it to survive. So, am slowly but surely reaching the no more zone again.

Debated for quite awhile as to share or not pictures of nightgowns I made for myself. Decided what the heck...they are a "reward" so to say for setting my goals on stopping smoking and loosing weight. So, here they are...they are far from being even close to perfect. But they are both comfy and so soft. I gave myself a pat on the back.

Well, I do believe I have talked enough for today. Plus, I need to finish a postcard I am working on. I wish I could share pictures...but that would ruin the fun for the person will wait for another time and share them. Have a great evening and check back soon. I enjoy hearing from everyone and checking out blogs of yours.



  1. I love your group got to do a little of that last was lots of fun. You did a great job on the nighties. You go girl!

  2. They look very comfortable Brenda!
    The miniature bed is for a Tudor era house that is going in the Miniature show in August. Will be putting some pics up soon:)

  3. I hope you are doing much better after your mishap while mowing the lawn. You keep going on you quest to quit smoking. You CAN do it. I'm cheering for you! I have brought a little fold up table to camp, so I will soon have a place to set up my sewing machine. I think I will search the web for instructions on how to make the fabric postcards. I've never made any before.

    Take care - I will be posting some pics of camp soon on my blog.