Saturday, June 28, 2008


On the way to Wal Mart today, Kevin and I stopped at an estate sale. There were tons of items and located in the back was a huge stack of fabrics. Kevin told me to look and get some and off he went to see the other items. I had a really hard time choosing (extra spending money is always hard to find in our household, but we manage--another time..sorry) well I saw these big rolls under various other fabrics and had to look. There it was this huge roll of drapery fabric that would look fabulous in our living room area (mine are miss matched and made of light cotton fabric). So put all the others back and bought this for 7 dollars. LOL I am so delighted it will be so much fun to make "real" curtains, using "real" curtain material. LOL still.

Kevin is so wonderful to me cause on the way to Wal Mart I mentioned that I really needed a new cutting blade for this thick material and some wonder under for making sure my seams would be exact and when we pushed the cart in to get the generic advil he said go into the fabric section and get the stuff you need! He really is a wonderful man...I love him more every day.

I finished another tote bag. I used my first tote at Wal Mart today; the person at the register seemed a little confused and annoyed...but with 10 people behind me I did not take the time to explain and I felt wonderful using it!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you all leave. I have tried to respond with personal e-mails, but the computer will not let me. I just want to make sure you all know I read them and enjoy them. Have a great day with your hobby!


  1. What a great find. I love the colours in the new curtain fabric.

    Love and hugs Gina xx

  2. Only 7 dollars, what a great deal and so pretty, too!

    Love this tote bag also! Have you thought about making and selling? :)

  3. Brenda,
    Sounds like the estate sale was a lot of fun (and I love that fabric)!! I'm home for the night, and just surfing around. Of course, your blog is one I just have to check. How is the quiting smoking going??? You keep going! Don't give up. I know it is a very hard thing to do, but I'm sure you can do it. Also, check my blog, bottom right. There is a flower "test". I would never have thought I was a snap dragon. What flower are you??

    HUGS and more HUGS!!