Thursday, July 3, 2008


These are the old curtains for the patio door. I did not mind the fabric so much as the mismatched effect...I have lived with it without much complaint, but it really bothered me also. Being POOR you find what you can and use it to the best of its potential. So when we ran across the actual drapery material, I was absolutely delighted and Kevin laughed at me. They are not fancy by any means, I just have a tad bit left over to make one am trying to figure out a way to use it but in a way to do both windows. I have to let my brain slowly figure it out.


This is the patio door curtain. LOL Been in this house for over two years and I just realized that I can take down the panel that at one time held up the blinds when we moved in. They were awful! LOL see my brain does not always function the way it is supposed to. Kevin did not think of it cause he does not care about things like that. Now I am really laughing at myself!!

These are the old curtains over the small window in the living room. Not to bad or anything; they just did not match the patio curtain on the other side of the room.

These are my new curtains!


  1. Thanks Sandra; I know they would look really special if you had taken the photos!

  2. I love your new curtians! I know what you mean about changing them. We were here for almost 5 yrs before I was able to change the curtains on our patio door. Now we have french doors with the blinds in the windows. I love them.

    Pat H.

  3. Great job on the curtains. Doesn't it feel great to accomplish something so wonderful that you did.