Monday, September 15, 2008


I have to share my frustration and laughter with you. My memory problems pop up everyday...gotta have fun with them.

Well, I try and visit blogs everyday or so and to leave comments. I know I like to receive them, they are uplifting and a delight to hear from fellow blogger friends.

So, my "fun" issue is the letter coding at the end of the comment that we must enter to have our messages published. They serve their wonderful purpose, I know.

I have to tell you though friends they like to have fun with me! Try remembering which letter you just typed, look down, back up and oh the process is so UNFUN at times.

Especially when you have to type in three different sets of letters before you get it right and publish the comment.

NO DO NOT CHANGE A THING... I am just venting a little with a TON OF LAUGHTER! I absolutely love blogging and reading everyones blogs, so the little confusion my brain must go through is really nothing at all.

JUST LAUGH WITH ME AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! I do all the time. Hope you all have a great day and until next time I stop by and start jumbling the letters up, down, sideways and reverse...enjoy a little laugh when you are doing it and think of me.



  1. Hi Brenda--you really are an inspiration! And you are absolutely right--a sense of humor is the way to go!

  2. I wrote a blog once about how I reckon Blogger is rather patronising, because every time I type in the letters incorrectly the next set it gives me are easier! Looking at the set I've got now I think I need something easier.

  3. Oh Brenda...I have no "known" memory problem but still I've got to laugh at myself too...and those darn letters are so hard to read sometimes! But Amanda is right...the more you mess up the BIGGER and EASIER the letters become!

  4. What a fun way to look at those annoying letters!
    At least it starts the days blogging off with laughter..
    Like Amanda said, get it wrong and you get an easier set of letters..that's what I'll be doing from now on..
    Thank you for your comments..
    have a great evening there..

  5. If it's any comfort, I have problems with those letters too! lol

  6. Oh I so agree it is a bit frustrating when trying to get all the posts done and trying to read the "squirrly" letters to get that final post through, it is a necessary "evil" but don't cha just siwh they would come up with something a bit different???

  7. Brenda, your problem is something close to mine. I can't always see the letters I need to type. They appear too close together and I wind up typing 2 or 3 times before I'll excepted....LOL