Friday, September 26, 2008


I have the best neighbors, their names are Bob and Sue. They are the nicest people and are fun and Sue is always buying or giving me the neatest gifts. She is getting older and has some medical problems, which are leading her to downsizing her flower gardens. Guess who she chose to receive all the flowers she does not want. Me, I am so thrilled, with so many bare spots to fill (of course there is always a new place to make for flowers anytime needed also) and such new varieties I have never tried before. I try and give back what I receive, plus it just feels great to make something/give something to someone. Well Sue is the only person I know who wears aprons and last week she mentioned that she really needed to get a couple of new aprons because hers were old and splotched with stains. I had to try my hand at making her an apron. I made it reversable. It was so fun, I am definetely going to have to make her a few others.

The postcard of the lovely butterfly is from Vicki @ sent me this postcard. She used a plastic to coat it and send it through the mail. What a great idea.

I think butterflies are so beautiful and unique! Plus, she used purple, my favorite color. Thank You Vicki, I really like it!

The second postcard is from Valerie @ she is on vacation and sent me this from Wales. Dragons fascinate me, the stories and the way that pictures show so many different styles and beliefs. So I really got a double delight with this one; a dragon and from a place I will most likely never see in person. Thank you Valerie.

One other great thing happened today. My oven, that has been broken for over a month, was completely fixed. I can start baking again. YEAH... I do enjoy baking, although I often add extra ingredients or totally forget them (hee, hee) so now and masterpieces (LOL) turn out like bricks or burn like charcoal when I forget about them being in the oven at all. DH always tries whatever I make, then Dodger gets to sample whatever Kevin can not finish. My baking project for today is Acorn Squash. My landlord grew them in his garden and the plant produced enough for everyone in the neighborhood to eat all year long. I am going to bake it and then freeze it for the winter.

So many wonderful things are going on in my life, it is a great blessing. One of the best is that my younger brother is staying at a close friends and is doing good. He is an alcoholic and without going into to many details, I finally know that he is safe and getting things in his life straightened out and on the right track. For close to the last 10 years, he has disappeared for long lengths of time and we wouldn't know for many months at a time if he was even alive. I really hope and pray that this is the first step back to a life of "normal".

I am still working on reducing my scrap bucket. Right now I am making postcards for this next month and doing the house blocks on the quiltville site. Both projects are enjoyable and interesting. Yet, that bucket just does not seem to be going down any at all. But, off I go to help it shrink a tad bit more. Have a great day!


  1. Brenda, I sure enjoy reading your blog. You have good friends and many blessings. It's so important to stay positive and count our blessings; it sounds like you practice that regularly. Hugs!

  2. Hey Brenda, Flowers, flowers, you are the best you can tell God has given you so much and you give in return too.I imagine your flowe garden is beautiful. Your baking sounds like some of my experments. thanks for your friendship. Love the postcards too. Blessings and hugs, Marie

  3. And P.S., Brenda! Nice job on the aprons! I especially like the one with sunflowers. I love, love, love aprons and now you know TWO people who wear them because I do, too, and have for many, many years. I will be emailing you soon. Thank you for such a nice comment about Sam's leaving home; it sure means a lot. Have a great weekend, friend.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    It's so nice to have good neighbours.
    Sounds like you are a good neighbour to them in return.
    We should all count our blessings, we do tend to take things for granted at times..
    Lovely post.

  5. What great neighbors you have, and what a great neighbor you are to make her those beautiful aprons! The postcards you received are lovely Brenda. :) Glad to hear your oven is working again and I'm very glad your brother is doing well. Have a happy day! :D

  6. Hi Brenda, great aprons. I've joined an apron swap so throw me some ideas, the postcards from Valerie, too. Take care.

  7. Your aprons came out beautiful! Great idea to make it reversible! My youngest daughter uses an apron in the kitchen she is so in love with them - I have no clue where she gets it from the only time we ever used aprons when she was growing up was for fingerpainting! lol
    We are going to expect pictures of your garden next year :)
    Glad to hear you are able to use your oven! I would be lost without mine!
    Keeping your brother in my thoughts & prayers!