Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MY OH MY.....

I have been rather busy doing a little of this and that and having a grand time! I hope that all of you are having the same experience with you quilting adventures!

I made a few of these postcards and a few of the next postcards for the postcard swap; then I realized that October is Halloween. I will not spoil the surprise of those 10 I made because they will be the ones I actually send this month. But, I sure had a great time using up scraps and playing with shapes and colors.

But, then never know I may surprise some of you with these postcards also!

I still need to work on the binding process; but it has improved. LOL. Really it has.

This is a Decoupage project that I made. It is my first attempt at this type of craft. It was quite fun and relaxing.

I saw a picture (do not remember where) of a mailbox that had fabric glued to it. It really caught my attention and I thought what a neat idea.

Well it turns out that decoupage has been around since around the 12th century. People use all sorts of bits and pieces from paper to buttons and decorate various types of materials from cardboard, wood, glass and metal.

I chose a cardboard shoe box to practice and see if I would like it. It is far from being a work of art (hee-hee), but it will look much more attractive sitting on my stand in my sewing room than the shoe box did. An excellent way to use up odds and ends scraps! Have any of you ever tried this? Let me know what you have done and what your thoughts are? I would love to know more and see what you have done.

This is a sample of the house blocks I am making. I have been able to use nothing but my odds and ends scraps from my scrap bucket.

I found the pattern @ and here is the

page where the information for making a quilt is.

I think I need to make about 60 of these blocks to fit as a back for a king size quilt top my father gave to me. I have 20 done so far using all sorts of colors; then I will make a border/sashing to go around each block using nothing but my scrap bucket fabrics.

The quilt block below is a bow tie pattern using a SERGER that my quilting neighbor/friend found and is making a birthday lap quilt for her sister. I just love the way it looks and gives such a fabulous uplift. She found her fabrics for this quilt at one of the garage sales we went to this summer.

She has decided to put a black border around it. Then she bought gold and black buttons to tie it with. Then she is going to use a gold metallic thread to quilt it with.

I just had to share this with all of you. A simple pattern with such creative thought and walla you have a masterpiece. It amazes me every time I see a quilt from anyone!

The various blocks/patterns, then the fabrics and colors, the special touches and designs.



  1. Hey there, Love all the stuff your doing. I have a box to send to you ready and tomorrow Ray will take it to Fed Ex as I think it is too big to go reg mail. Hope you enjoy all the stuff. I am still hurting pretty badly and will see the Dr. on fri. wish me luck! Blessings, Marie

  2. Hi Brenda,I love all the stuff you showed. It looks like you've been very busy. Love the house blocks! I do a little decoupage, too. Loved your postcards, too--take care.

  3. Wow, you've been a busy bee! Love all that you're involved in! Can't wait to see what it produces! :D


  4. You have been a busy girl. I love the postcards and the box. I never thought of using fabric to decorate them. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to try that.

    I have made a few of those house blocks. I love that you are going to put them on the back of a quilt. I can't wait to see it finished.

    The Elvis quilt is adorable and so are the Aprons. I have been wanting to make one for myself and just haven't gotten around to it. I am sure your neighbor will cherish it.

  5. Oh my...what busy hands you have these days!

    LOVE that Elvis massage therapist (who I don't visit nearly enough...just a couple of times a year) is an Elvis impersonator here in Sweden! (I really try NOT to think about it when he is "doing me".) He would go ga-ga for that quilt! I may take him a photo of it!

    And your shoe box covering is great! I've done it before...a couple of times recently because Maya is always in need of special boxes to collect things in...a couple of weeks ago I covered a box with dinosaur bone fabric so she can have a place to store the bones she's collected! (chicken bones, fox skull, crab shells, and fish bones) When I was young mom and I used to decoupage wooden boxes with tourist brochures about trips we had been on for family vacations. I still have the boxes...they are treasures to me! (Mostly because of the special times I spent with mom!) ....well. I'm writing a storm here...sorry. Your projects got me thinking!

    Can't wait for the next little FPC!

  6. You are so sneaky......what have you been making????? Those postcards look wonderful.