Saturday, October 4, 2008


The rain has arrived in Grants Pass! Fall has began, so I chose this brown and white fabric to border half of my houses. I have a lighter brown and white chosen for the other half of the houses. I should get them all done by Sunday. Then onto choosing a sashing and assembling them all together.

I really recommend to anyone who wants to use up bunches of scraps to check out the Quiltville site. Bonnie has a lot of patterns and really good instructions, mixed in with humor and knowledge.

Below is a card I received from a girl who is stationed in Iraq. I mailed her several postcards to show her my support and let her know she is missed. It was so thoughtful of her to send the thank you. She should be home within the next 6 weeks if all goes well.

Carol from Sweden sent me this wonderful postcard. I like the way she enclosed it like a regular card. Visit her site @ .

Have a great weekend!


  1. what a cute house block!

    I had a great weekend, thanks! I did what I wasn't suppose to do....and have fun doing it!

    Glad you got your postcard...

    So nice you write to someone who needs to know we support them...and want them HOME! It must be so scary and tough!

  2. Love your house block!
    Plaids/ checks look great in country quilts..
    Lovely of you to send postcards to the girl in Iraq...hope she gets home safely..

  3. Hey Brenda, I'm loving your work! So very sweet for you to offer your support for one of our soldiers! :)

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  5. OH I love your house blocks!

    Pat H.