Thursday, October 9, 2008


After finishing these 49 house blocks with sashing, I was excited and had to see how much space would be needed for the border. I pulled out the Raiders quilt top, my father made, and measured it ( 88 width, 104 length). Then I measured the house quilt back (79 width, 81 Length). Talk about being disappointed.

Alright choices, make 21 more house blocks. Major problem, I do not have enough of the fabric I used to border the houses with. Well, I could use another fabric....but I just do not think that would look kosher. Next choice, make a large border to fill in the spaces. I think that will be the best choice; what would look nifty.

Just a closer view of the blocks and sashing.

After much thought and searching for some ideas. I have chosen to do a scrappy strippy border. The picture below is my scrap bucket filled to overflowing before doing the Old Tobacco Road quilt and the Happy Scrappy House quilt.

Today, I have spent the majority of the day cutting scraps into 12 , 5, 4 and 2 inch lengths. The widths vary from 2 to 3 inches. Being a jumbled mess, each piece has to be ironed in the process also. But look at my scrap bucket now.


It is down to about a 1/4 and I still have to cut more pieces. I admit to being horrible and not salvaging the small bits and pieces. They will find a home elsewhere! I should have enough strips to do the border for the houses and another quilt back. I am feeling very proud of myself for taking on this challenge. I am going to have to have a give away when I complete it totally. So check back.

I am going off to check other blogs and see what everyone is accomplishing. Then onto some more strip cutting. Tomorrow will be a sewing day.


  1. Well done for getting your scraps bucket down to a manageable level. I'm going to have to do a large scrap quilt as my box is overflowing.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. I LOVE the quilt!
    Love how the houses are slanted and not square on the blocks...
    Well done on using most of your fabrics from the bucket..

  3. Your house quilt is fantastic!

  4. Brenda I love it, larger sashing or maybe using a samll sashing then a larger one would be the trick. YOur doing great my friend. Nothing good ot report from here today. I think your package should arrrive today, Blessings and hugs, Marie

  5. Brenda, this is wonderful! Such a happy feeling what with the wonky-type blocks. You've done such a nice job--really something to be proud of. And to use up all those scraps--you rock!

  6. Wow! your houses look famtastic. I nice big border would look great!