Friday, October 10, 2008


Marie @ left a comment on my blog last month about sending me some of her fabrics since I enjoyed scrap quilting so much. I thought she was joking at first, but soon discovered that she had a package all ready to mail.

Hubby and I ran to the grocery store and on our return this 25 lb treasure box was awaiting to enter its new home! I was giddy with excitement and quickly put away the necessary items and then promptly opened the present.

I was overwhelmed with her generosity to begin with, but here is a quilt just waiting to be quilted and a binding put on. I just love it!

I also was amazed at this quilt top; it still has some pieces (all cut) to be sewn on, but what a great quilt project to complete. Marie has done a beautiful job with this project; I hope I can match her perfection on stitching it together.

I laid all the fabrics out on the living room floor; one by one, touching and feeling.

Letting my mind and eyes glow with excitement and thoughts.

Oh what projects these fabrics shall make! Can you not see this fabric with that fabric and then this fabric......

I was thrilled with the fabrics, but look what else she put in for me. Hard Cover quilting books, quilting magazines and individual quilt patterns. The hours spent gazing and searching in each of these will be delightful!

My love, thanks and gratitude travel from Oregon to Florida to Marie! Thank you so much for this delightful gift filled with treasures.


  1. Just looked at your blog wow you will have more fun than a barrel of monkies!!!!blessings andhugs, marie

  2. looks like lots of fun...what a kind person.. :)

  3. Wow you lucky girl. What an awesome surprise to come home to.

  4. Awesome!! Bloggers are the best at sending great mail!!