Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just finished quilting this ..............

granted I have a long way to go to be even "good" at it. I made loads of errors..................

but it was so much fun! I had trouble keeping my speed, the machine speed and my hand speed at a constant speed, laughed at myself many times.............

then I kept changing what "style" (if it can even be called that at this time) LOL of design I was doing. So it changes from loops to squares to whatever and again I had to laugh at myself.

I will definetely be doing this method of quilting from now on. With time and practice, it will hopefully become better, even if it does not, I will do this just for the fun!

This is the front, could not wait to share, without being squared or anything. The colors did not show up clear at all. The materials are all a light shade of blue, except for the bear and I need to square it up and I may add some extra applique shapes and of course the binding.

Sorry to say we still can not get into our emails. Sometimes computers are not much fun. Know that I appreciate and enjoy all comments and emails and am so grateful to have all of you as friends. Have a great day!

I am so excited about this, I feel like celebrating.........if hubby is up to it after work, we just may have to go out for coffee and play a couple scratch tickets!


  1. Oh how awesome. You did a great job. I have yet to try it on a project that big. LOL. I am still a chicken. Maybe soon.

  2. You did great Brenda!
    I love free motion, it does take practice, but yours looks good to me!
    Hugs julia

  3. The quilting loooks great. the trick is practise practise practise.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Your doing GREAT!!. I love to stipple and all the things I do mostly winging it. The nicest part is , it is what you do and no one else can do that specific pattern on a quilt.Keep up the good work. Hhhhhopefully soon your computer will be mended. Many blessings and hugs, marie

  5. wow that is amazing. I am so new to this applique and quilting stuff, bu tI love it... :)Thank you for the beautiful PC for Christmas,I loved it and the pattern. Merry Christmas to you too...and yours is on the way.. :)

  6. Oh well done ! It looks great and practice makes perfect.

  7. You are doing great!! An adorable bear quilt, too! You are right about trying to keep the sewing machine speed consistent--hard to master! That's where those variable speed sewing machines come in handy. I keep telling hubby he needs to buy me one... I agree with those who say "practice, practice, practice." Mine's improving with each time I sit down to the machine to practice.

  8. You are doing a great job. Way to go!

  9. that is excellent.. can you please resend me our PC name list? I seemed to have misplaced it.. thanks