Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My Dresden Plate quilt has spent several days hidden in the spare bedroom. The out of sight, out of mind may have actually been out of sight, but I could still picture it very clearly and it definetely was not out of mind!

Off and on the past few days, I have been working on this months postcards for my swap. I always enjoy making them. But, as stated above, the quilt just will not leave me alone. So, out it came today. I have decided that it is going to have to live with its unscrupulous MISTAKES. I thought about ripping it out and trying to fix those mistakes...but because it was a sizing mistake (made by me with poor thoughts on the outcome) it would require basically remaking each piece. The problem that arises with that is not having enough of the original fabrics to fix those mistakes. So I will strike this up as another "learning" experience quilt. LOL. I have a lot of those.

The second problem was actually not a big problem. I was so upset at myself with the first assembling portion that I kept missing the key factor in the second factor. I thought the borders were to small to fit the four corner blocks (pictured above) and was so at a loss as to what to do to fix it....and how could I have been such a fool to make that large of a cutting size?

TADA, answer solved...right in the directions that I read over and over it states plainly that you have to add a strip of fabric. My friend, Maureen, helped me figure out the exact amount of fabric needed for this strip (my mind was still in to much of panic mode to figure it out) and I do have enough! Yipee. So, once again I will go back to assembling the quilt and accept it as is.

When I get it all together I will share a photo. All in all it is pretty, I just see every mistake BOLDLY laughing at me! But I really have learned a lesson in that I get so excited with the process I downsize problems and do not deal with them correctly. I am going to begin subdoing my excitement to a degree and focus on "REAL" solutions that do not cause more damage in the long run.

Thanks to all of you who gave me a vote of confidence and great support!

Hope all of you have a great day!


  1. I'm slowly doing a Dresden Plate aswell. I'm hand working mine though as I'm a glutton for punishment. I should have had it finished for last year.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Brenda, this is going to be a beautiful quilt no matter what. I loved what you said about learning from your mistakes--that's some of what makes a good quilter. And I think you are wise when you said "...I will go back to the quilting process and accept it as it is". My husband always says "it is what it is" and when we can accept that whether it's a quilt or anything else, life is good and we have peace--don't you think? I've really gone on...I can't wait to see your quilt!

  3. Friends are wonderful and "calming". I should know. Dresden Plates are great but challenging. I'm glad that you worked it all out and saved your project. Good for you!

  4. I have had few people ask me how to make the fabric postcards. I put the instructions on how I make them on my site. i am going to add picture of how to do it later.

  5. We are our own worst critics. Every time I look at several of my quilts, I see the mistakes staring back at me. Nobody else notices, but I know they are there. It doesn't make them any less warm or less valuable. They are used a lot and loved. Yours will be too.

    Pat H.