Saturday, September 4, 2010


From Left to Right: My mother Jerry, my neice Andrea, my daughter Dawn holding Chompers, my sister in law Bobbie and me holding the leash which you can just catch the tip of Frankies head. This was taken while Kevin and I were visiting in Oregon. I just felt like sharing it.

Since being approved for the three bedroom apartment, I have been scrubbing relentlessly. Blame it on my mother or even my grand mother and so forth and so on......they were/are cleaning fanatics. I am far more slack than my mother by big quotations. But, I am not filthy or anything. I do daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and every so often dig in and do the really big deep cleaning job that I was taught was necessary.

The apartment we are going to get to move into was left in a pretty bad state. I will put it bluntly, I really do not think anyone ever did more than a brief surface clean. Therefore, my family traditions are kicking big time and I am getting down to the nitty gritty with the toothbrush and bleach. I have to say at this moment my baseboards are covered in dust....but not the kind that destroys two toothbrushes to remove the grim. Which is what has occured at the new place. Another thing that makes me really upset is that the people who lived there prior had toddlers. The apartment is entirely tiled, it was a dark grey in most areas. After using a mop with straight bleach, then rinsing and was almost white, but a lot of areas with so much buildup.....I had to get down on hands and knees and scrub, scrub, scrub. Now it is clean enough for my approval.

Next, which is going to wait until tomorrow (Iam exhausted after today), I get to tackle the refrigerator and oven.....then the cupboards. I am in all honestly, rather looking forward to this in the long run makes you feel really good when you look at the finished results and know that it was worth the effort!!! After that will come the inside/outside windows....they are covered with all those wonderful little smudged fingerprints. LOL. Plus, let me not forget to mention all of the dust just from this wonderful part of the country. It really does not need a bit of wind to find its way inside all the vents and crevaces that exist in an apartment. Another thing that makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time.

We will not be able to move into the apartment until it is painted and the bathroom is recocked. Which probablly will not happen until next week sometime with this being a holiday weekend. Sorry I got carried away and vented.....I hope that you all have a wonderful, SAFE weekend!

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