Monday, September 13, 2010


A very unwelcome surprise awaited us a few nights ago......... These two baby rattlesnakes were parked outside our front doorway. Kevin quickly got the shovel and cut off their heads and we have not seen any others so far. But boy do the goosebumps pop into play at the sight of the picture again. Recently there have been quite a few neighbors that have encountered these reptiles. I hope that this is the last encounter I ever have!!!
Dodger is posing dilegently with her ball and orange decoration. I do not think she was real impressed, just waiting long enough to get back to throwing the ball. She is such a character.
We are still waiting for the painters to finish the new apartment. I really believed by now we would be all settled in, but hopefully (no I will not say, because I do not have a clue when they will be done). I really think I should have painted myself, I know I would be done by now. Buy hey, hire professionals that cost a lot of money (glad the landlady is paying) and wait two weeks.
Now, I am off to play online and then work on a cross stitch pattern.


  1. OMG....Brenda....rattlesnakes.....I am getting chills just thinking about careful, girlfriend.

  2. So happy to see your blog again. Postcards will be fun , looking forward to that. Glad Kevin is better. Your new home sounds wonderful and I know how happy you will be to be settled.Hugs, Marie

  3. Great to hear from you again! Not so much about the snakes. Hope things go well for Kevin and enjoyed the pictures of your vacation. Can't wait to see pictures of your your new place. Keep in touch.