Monday, April 11, 2011


I began the quest of organizing after finishing a quilt top and searching for fabrics to make the backing.  Off and on throughout my quilting I have attempted to organize; only to find myself involved in another project. 

I have also tried various methods of dealing with this issue; mainly topics found on other blogs and how they accomplish this task.  Some people are wonderful at organizing and keeping everything neat and tidy.  Some are far worse than I am.  But, I just am not happy with my method.

So began the process of pressing, cutting off odd ends, folding and placing neatly.  Believe me, it was working fabulous....except for one tiny detail.  Well actually it became a BIG detail within a short time.  My scrap basket was overflowing.  So, I took the time and effort to organize this.  I decided to actually cut each and every piece of scrap into a specific sized square.  Eleven days later, my scrap basket is totally empty and all pieces are placed in marked ziplock baggies in a box.  Until completely finished, I am not sure where they will be placed.

It is thrilling to have accomplished this step.  But by all means, I have not even began to begin in all reality.  LOL.  You see, I merely seperated my scrap bin into 4 sections....the first being small to odd shaped fabrics (anything less than a four inch square  (now completely cut and bagged)....the second being left over strips, mainly 2 and a half and smaller (now completely cut and bagged) is a box of larger odd scrap pieces sorted into two boxes one for lights one for I will begin this process.

I am really missing the creativity and all other levels of sewing two pieces of material together to create a final quilt.  But, I know if I stop my process of organizing now, I will  just end up with more of the same.  I am sort of going through withdrawls....LOL.  Who ever thought that would be possible!   I may just have to sew a tad bit, to ease the nerves (no shaking yet, but I feel it will come soon). 

I hope you all have a great day quilting!!!

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  1. You are so funny. Getting organized can be fun and yet as you say, can lead to yet another project or two. Been there, done that over and over. My fingers are crossed for you XXX