Wednesday, February 22, 2012


If you click on the should enlarge it for a better look.  I hope that works for you!

I just finished this Free Motion Machine Embroidery project.  I am so hooked on this technique!!  So simple to do it is amazing.

My biggest problem was remembering to keep the fabric moving at all times.  I was really trying to get each part covered completely with the thread; which especially with the center leaves...I have bumps in this area.  I think I was actually trying to cover the sewing machine with the stitches at this time.  LOL.  But, after that I did not do to bad.  The hardest part is choosing which thread color to use; which actually was not that difficult because I do not have a big variety. 

I already have my next project picked out.  Plus, so many ideas keep popping into mind...I will never be able to keep track of them.  So, I will just go with what comes to mind at the time to begin a new project.  Next month, I am definetely going to be spending money I should not....I have got to get some more threads.  Until then.....happy stitching.


  1. Hey there, I understand the pain as I live with it daily and it really does suck the quality of your life away. but as you said you learn to live with it! YOur doing great witht he free motion. Keep up the good work. Will be intouch. Hugs,Marie

  2. So happy to see you blogging again. Your embroidery looks amazing!! So sorry about the pain you are in. Hope it gets better.

    Molly in Roseburg