Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After completing two Thread Paintings, which I had a blast creating, I looked at the whole process a little closer and thought there has to be a way to do this without using tons upon tons of thread. 

I came upon several blogs/information on Fabric Painting.  I wanted to try it.  But, knowing absolutely nothing about it.....the web search has began.  First off, I knew that I would need acrylic paints and/or fabric paints.  Knowing my Mother -In-Law used to paint before her eyesight began deteriating; I asked her to use some of hers.  She sent me home with about 50 bottles of paint on a wire stand along with some paint brushes.  In total awe and amazement, almost jumping up and down with excitement....I was so ready to start.  But, thought no I need to find out a bit more.  Boy am I glad that I did.

First of all, in my reading/researching, I discovered that Acrylic Paints do work fantastically with fabrics..........but you must mix in something called  Textile Medium.  What I read is that just using acrylic paints on fabrics the paint becomes hard and eventually can crack and flake.  The Textile Medium mixed 1part to 1 part paint, created the texture that over the counter fabric paints have; a soft finish that will be able to withstand numerous washings.  So, I purchased some at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  Thinking alright, I have the acrylic paints, paint brushes and Textile Medium plus tons of fabrics and traceable patterns to give this a go.

But, arriving home after a 10 hour day driving and shopping...I just did not have the energy to try last night.  So, I will watch some videos of people actually painting and learn a bit, plus boost my confidence!  Hee, Hee, Hee.....I am definetely nothing but a Kindergarden Artist!

Second, through watching these various videos; boy did I discover even more REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  Acrylic paints tend to dry pretty quickly and are permanent!  It was highly recommended that your attire be clothes that you will not care it they get covered in paint splatters and splotches.  Something in my excitement, I had not considered.  Think back to when our children painted.....Oh Yeah.....kind of messy!!!

So now, I know I have to wear old clothing and an apron was suggested more than once.  Guess what I am going to create today!  You betcha, an apron!

Last of All, at least at this point.  I discovered that it is recommended that you cover your work surface with a table covering that basically will be ruined.  One recommendation was the plastic coated table cloths that you can pick up at the dollar store or pretty much any general store.  Plus, it was recommended to cover the floor of the painting area with something similiar or an old painting canvas.

So, to wrap up my first part of learning.  I know that I have to find/create an apron.  I have to find/create a table covering and find/create a floor covering.  All before I can even begin just playing and discovering if this is going to be something I really do want to do.  But, my Creative/Artistic side keeps singing and doing the happy dance.  So I am off to find an apron pattern online or in my patterns and create a fun project that I will be able to ruin with paint splatters~ 

I will share more as I go along this learning process.  Have a great day creating!!

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