Saturday, September 29, 2012


Lately I have really been having a difficult time sewing/quilting.  So after some thoughts, I decided to play around with some of my precut scrap squares.  I really could not decide on a pattern and so just began sewing four patches.  After further consideration, I decided to just do some sashing.  Although the photo makes the sashing look orange, it really is a RED.  The top measures 44 inches wide by 64 inches length.  Already I plan on adding borders of some kind to make it wider and then will go from there.  It felt really good to be at the sewing machine and cutting mat once again.  So, even with the move time getting much closer, I will definetely be spending more time in my quilting room.

Dodger received a new stuffed Kitty toy from our friend Jimmy awhile back.  She really likes it, but it is so funny to watch her try and pick it up.  She turns it this way and that way trying to get a good hold on it for she can show it to anyone who comes to the door.  Of course, she knows they are here to see she must greet them with one of her special toys!

Chicca has not been doing much but sleeping since we moved here to Grandfalls.  Her favorite place is in one of the cabinets.  I made her this special quilt and she gets very upset when I take it out and wash it.  But, with the weather cooling down....we have had rain off and on all week YIPPEEE; she has been getting out and about a tad bit more; even visiting the quilting room every now and then.

Hope you have a great day!

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