Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Reply Blogger......Hopefully Not Anymore

I have not been blogging for quite some time.  Mainly due to the new move back to Grants Pass Oregon and getting alnd settled in.  Boy does it take strength and endurance to pack everything up, load it, travel across to the destination.  Then you have to find temporary home, thankfully my parents asked us to stay with them until we found a new home.  But not knowing when that would happen, we had to rent a storage unit, unpack the moving van.  Search for our new home, pack up a moving truck once again, unpack and then get everything in place.  Which being totally honest, still has not completely happened.  LOL.  I have been slowly, very very slowly getting the last twenty totes unpacked and locating the right spot.

Well the other day, I had been searching on the internet for something of interest and came across a blog hop about Dresden Plates.  I got really involved and was having a great time looking/reading and letting my creative thoughts go haywire with ideas, because of all of the fabulous projects these bloggers contributed.  On top of which, several of them were having give aways.  Oh how exciting.  It has been quite awhile since I entered a giveaway.

By the end of the night, I had gotten through all 4 days worth.  Well the following morning, I went directly to the sight and found the next days list.  Had a fabulous time once again.  But it also got me to thinking of how neglected my blog was and when exactly the last time I had even blogged.  Surprise, I even had a couple comments.  Giddy girlish excited giggles!!!!  I was informed that I was a no reply blogger.

Well how depressing!  I began trying to figure it out and just became so frustrated.  I closed out the computer and was seriously considering never blogging again.  My lovely hubby, came to my rescue when he saw how upset I was and told him what was happening.  He got on my blog page and within a few minutes said "I do believe I have fixed that problem for you!"  Of course, he got a great big hug and kiss!!!

So, I would appreciate anyone letting me know....however that works....that I am definetely NOT a no reply blogger any longer.  Thanks and give me a tad bit of time.  I really am getting back into blogging.  Later on today, I plan on sharing some photos.


  1. Hi Brenda...haven't heard from you in awhile and now I see why...loads of moving and getting settled. Bless your heart....I've moved maybe twice in my life and that was years ago. I can't imagine packing up the house for a move now...I'm sending warm thoughts your way.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Brenda, glad to see you are blogging again. Sorry for the slow reply, I am reading through a long list and saw you were back. The new place must be keeping you busy, that and the fur babies.