Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our New Home in Grants Pass Oregon

 This is the chosen location of my new sewing area.  A corner in the living room stands my two sewing machines and ironing board.  Dpdger is very happy in our new home.  We have a total of three acres.  We even have access to the Applegate River.  Well, I stand corrected...once we make a path and a stairway we will have access to the river.

 This is the newest member of our family.  He is a purebred miniature Poodle.  We rescued him from our former neighbor in Grandfalls, Texas.  I will not go into details.....but we named him MR. SHAKES.  He now is almost house broken (the occassional mark my territory or I am so upset kind of accidents), he loves to run and play with Dodger (at least until she decides to run and chase him....he boot scoots and boogies to a safe location rather quickly).  He does totally respect Miss Chicca (she is double his size and her hiss is vicious....although that is all she has ever done).  He gets so excited when we leave and return, even if I just walk to take the trash out and do not take him.  He litterly dances and bounces for at least 10 minutes.  His other favorite thing to do is growl and try and get Colby to play.

 Do you all remember Colby?  He was another purebred miniature Poodle we rescued while we were in Grandfalls.  Kevins oldest Daughter Savannah fell in love while she was visiting us and took him with her when she moved back to Oregon.  Well, we have invited both Savannah and Mr. Colby to move in with us.  Savannah wants to save up money and take a trip to India.  So hopefully we will be helping her save money, prepare for the trip and take care of Mr. Colby while she is away.  But, my oh my is he a mammas boy!!!  Savannah is at work right now and he is pouting on the big heap of blankets I sat there last night to mop.  Gotta get those all washed and put away today!

 This is a section of our bedroom.  At first the shelves were being used for various knick knacks and whatever....after we purchased another set of shelves and my father gave us a set of shelves he built for my mother (who for the life of me, I can not understand, she did not want); we set these in the bedroom and low and behold the perfect place for my fabric stash. 

 Some of my fabric is still stuck in the bathroom closet.  Hopefully, soon I will get in the mood to refold to fit the new shelves and get it all organized.  LOL.  Truthfully, it really is taking me a lot of time to get things in their "proper" spots with this move.

This is the extra room that was built onto our Mobile Home.  It was going to be my sewing room, until I discovered how cold and damp it was.  I was petrified when I discovered mold growing where things had gotten pushed to close to the walls.  Within a few hours, all sewing equipment and fabrics had been relocated.  But, we have relocated many items back out there....far from contact with the walls.... and slowly but surely I am getting them sorted and put in better areas.  Four of those totes are actually empty.  Yippeee...............

 So, I have been asked to make several quilts for a friend.  She has purchased a few other quilts from me.  This is the first one that I have chosen.  It is called Twist. 

I found it in this book.  I really think this is my favorite go to book...but there are several others also.

These are the fabrics that I chose for the two blocks.  The first (shown) is a partial seam block that is actually quite easy.  It took me a few tries to get the procedure down and to the correct seam allowance to actually be the size needed.  But now it is going together pretty quickly.  Well at least when I find the time to work on it.  The other block is a snowball block.  I have made a couple quilts with this type of block and really enjoyed it.  Hopefully, it will not take me long and it will be completed, quilted, bound and shipped off!

I hope that you enjoyed my blog and with fingers crossed, I will be blogging more often.  I really have missed it.  Thanks for stopping by and for any and all comments!  Have a great day creating!!

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  1. I have a high school best friend that lives in Grants Pass. She loves it there.