Friday, February 1, 2013

Our New Home

 Quilting is going to be put on hold for a short time.  Today it is gorgeous, at least 50 degrees and with the views we have and the sunshine....I will definetely not complain.

But we have started the second stage of putting up a fence.  The original fence went out towards the mountain and was pretty much falling down.  So, a few days ago, Savannah and Kevin went out and removed all of the poles and the old fencing.

Today, Kevin and I (alright, pretty much Kevin....I held a few items and he did everything else) got the poles in the new location and sat the fence up.  Next, will be pulling it tight and bracing it.  Again, I will mainly be the helper.  Hee, Hee, Hee.

 We have a pump house and two sheds.  The shed showing is Kevins work shop at this time.  I hope that eventually we can build him a really nice one.  But, who knows.  Dodger, Mr. Shakes and Colby are browsing and trying to figure out why we are changing things.  In the long run, it will be a much nicer area for them to run and play.  I wish that we could just let them roam the entire property, but we have some huge dogs in the property next to us.  They come over the fence dividing the property and have attacked Dodger once already.  So, unless someone is outside with them, they are not allowed to just roam.  Eventually, we will put up a new fence to divide the properties....but we are only the renters and the owners are not sure they want to invest that type of money.  Understandable, we have only been here a month.

 This is a view of the backyard area.  The picture does not do any justice.  But, it is gorgeous and leads to this...
 a very steep drop down to a ton of Blackberry bushes and eventually a section off of the main Applegate River.  I think they refer to it as a Gulley....but no one is in the house for me to ask for cerain.  We are going to build stairs down the incline and then begin clearing out a path to the river.  But will all of those blackberries not be fabulous to pick, eat fresh, can, make jams, jellies, sryups and dumplings!!!!  Oh, I am excited and almost drooling at the taste.

The owners also had this fenced in area in the backyard.  It is in great shape.  But with our huge Dodger, it just does not suit her.  They did give us permission to expand this the fence will go almost to the edge and back around the sheds and around to the front of the house.  It even has a built in doggie door.  Problem is, it is just to high for Mr. Shakes and Colby to be able to use it.  So Kevin is going to build them their own little step up porch.  Is he not fabulous!

We really do have a lot of plans.  Like a huge garden area, putting in flowers and it is all going to take time and money.  But, we are sure thrilled to be here!  May get the chance this evening to sew some.  Gotta go hubby is needing me.

Have a great creative day!


  1. Hi Brenda,

    Looks like your move was successful and you are enjoying your new place. Welcome back!!!!

  2. Hi Brenda, sorry haven't been in touch much,I can see you two have been very busy. so glad you got to move back and are pleased,especially since it wasn't a pleasant in Texas for you. I have enjoyed catching up and seeing the things you have made. Looks you have a wonderful new home. best wishes there. Hugs, Marie