Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The link above is about a Quilt Blog Hop that my Best Friend, Maurene and I will be going on.  We are both so excited.

We will be leaving on Friday and begin from Grants Pass, Oregon traveling to the first destination in Brookings Oregon.  There are a total of 15 shops that are participating.  The last stop will be in Astoria, Oregon.  We plan on doing the whole adventure in 4 days, but may extend into a fifth day if we spend to much time in the shops. 

Neither one of us have ever done anything like this.  So we are excited beyond words.  To save on expenses (more for buying fabrics and extras for quilting) we cut out coupons to use at various restraunts.  A lot of buy one get one free kind of deals.  We also arranged to spend one night at one of her sons, plus one of the nights with her daughter.  Lots of extra savings on hotels doing this.  Yippeee.....!!!  Another decision we made was that if we do not come across the restraunts that we have coupons for, we will just stop in Supermarkets and buy our meals from there.  Things like lunchmeat, fresh fruits and vegies and so forth.

I am about half way packed.  Still trying to decide the what if (weather in Oregon is constantly changing and especially along the coast).  I plan on taking lots of photos and having a grand time.  Will share once I get back.  Hope that you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh boy....have a great time and have fun shopping for fabric!!