Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring is in the air.....

 I returned from my coast trip with my best friend Maurene a few days ago.  We had a great time!  Each and every quilt shop was fabulous; with such a variety of beautiful quilts displayed, outstanding so want to have fabric selections and so much more.  Each participant, in order to be signed up for specific drawings had to attend between 6 shops up to 15.  We went to all 15!!!

We were required to buy one fat quarter, that each shop had specifically chosen.  Then, if you so desire to create a quilt using a portion (your choice in amount of the fat quarter to use) but it has to be noticiable.  Then when you turn it back one of the shops, they will display it and vote on their favorite and the grand prize is a new Janome 660 Gem sewing machine.  I decided to participate and am creating Dresden Plates with each of the fat quarters.  The photo above shows how far I progressed today.  Not very much completed at all, especially considering I cut the pieces out last night.

The wonderful spring weather has me spending quite a bit of time outdoors.  I am in the process of raking up all of the leaves from the fall and moving them into a compost pile.  Hubby is working on building some shelves for the Kitchen.  Savannah is working on planning the garden area.  She moved a huge amount of leaves over to the area so they can be tilled in.  Oh it is so glorious to be back in Southern Oregon where we will actually be able to grow fruit, vegetables and  Daffodils are showing the first signs of peeking up.  Spring is springing!!!

The lighting in the photo above does not do justice to the fabric colors, but at least I have three almost assembled.  I hope that spring does not prevent me from completing this quilt.  LOL.

Of course, this project got set aside for the new quilt.  I could win a sewing machine.  I am so laughing at myself.  Especially since, the quilt pictured above is for a paying customer.  Good thing she knows I do not have set time limits.  It is done at my pace and my pace alone.  She is a great lady and I will continue to work on this also.  Well, when I am not outside playing in the leaves and dirt.

Miss Chicca, Miss Dodger and Mr. Shakes are patiently waiting for me to come in and go to bed.  Are they not so adorable!!

I hope that you are all getting to enjoy spring weather and your quilting projects!!


  1. Hi Brenda, thanks for the lovely comment :) I will decline on the offer of the post cards at the moment - I am so far behind in things its not funny and would hate to disappoint others if I was not able to keep up. Still love to read your blog even though I dont comment often! Hugs Val

  2. Hi Brenda, Sounds like you had such a fun trip to all the quilt shops. Glad you are back in Oregon and happy!
    Molly in Roseburg.