Monday, July 27, 2015

Half Square Triangle Tip

the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along that I am signed up for, part of the charm that was my push to join was creating Half Square Triangles.  It has been quite some time since I have made any of these blocks that have so many uses in quilt designs.

I recently purchased the Quilt2 Quilting Ruler  and 3 Frixion pens for marking.  I was anxious to try them out.  Plus, it has also been a long time since I have done a mystery quilt.  I am having a great time following Carole's instructions (which are well written) and anticipating what this quilt will look like in the end. 

Well I want to share a tip with all of you.  Many of you that are experienced pressers or even some complete new quilters may find this tip helpful.  So....

First tip....while pressing your half square triangles, I recommend laying your blocks to be pressed facing the fabric you want to press towards all on the top.  It helps to save time from flipping each and every block as you want to press.  Plus, if you are doing a scrappy collection pick one of each of the fabrics and lay them out assembly line.  This will save time when you need to separate them for placement in the sewing step.

 This photo helps to describe what I was trying to explain in words much more clearly!  I really need to work on an organized writing style.  LOL.  Well at least I admit that I must do this...hee, heee,heee.

Oh what a terrible photo!  Sorry about that also.  I need to make sure hubby takes all the photos.  He does a pretty fantastic job.  He was outside working though, so here is my photo.  LOL again.

Second tip....When pressing a large piece of fabric it helps and saves time to do two pressing projects at the same time.  Let me explain.

When I am pressing a large piece of fabric, I spritz each area covering the ironing board surface with light white vinegar water.  After spritzing, I let the fabric sit for a few moments and soak up some of the moisture.  While it is doing that, I (in this instance) take a few minutes to press the half square triangle blocks.  After doing say 20, I then go back to the large fabric and press it...move the next section down and spritz....then return to press more half square triangles. 

As long as the two projects will fit together nicely, it really does save time.  I hope that my tips are helpful and that you will check out Carole's Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along and will decide to join in on the fun!  I am in the process of doing step 3 today, which means only two more steps and I will be all caught up.  If I can do the catch up...I am positive that you can also!

Thanks for stopping by...would love to read any comments or more suggestions on pressing!  Have a wonderful creative day!

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