Saturday, July 25, 2015

These Arrived In The Mail!

I have had a fabulous month.  To begin I have been bitten by the "blog" bug once again and am having a fabulous time.  A few of the advantages of reading blogs is that you get to meet new people who are excited about quilting just as much if not more than myself.  Then with exploring various blogs, ideas just start flowing so much easier (at least this is my experience).  Of course, tutorials are fabulous and you can never have to many tutorial references; I really enjoy reading and/or watching quilting tutorials.  Plus, you get to enter to win prizes!   had a giveaway prize of 6 fat quarters if you could help spread the word about the new site and get 5 people to sign up.  The fabrics that Emily Taylor, the founder of patternjam, sent to me are so beautiful.  I have some ideas for a baby or lap quilt just waiting for the chance to start playing.  There are a couple of projects that I must complete first.

Click on the address and see if you would like to play with fabrics and quilt blocks to create a quilt.  It is a fun way to see what works together and you can even scan and save your own fabrics to play with.  I discovered this site from another site (I do not remember from where...sorry).  While looking around, I found her Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along.  I enjoy working with scraps and had just received the Quilt 2 quilt ruler and was excited about trying it out.  Her mystery has half square triangles so signed up. 

Carole is filled with experience and has been wonderful help for me.  I highly recommend that you check out her blog and see what you can discover.  Join in the Mystery Quilt Along, she has listed several sizes that you can make from a table runner up to a twin sized quilt. 

I won The Great American Quilt Revival DVD from her.  It is such an interesting history filled documentary, even hubby turned around from the computer screen and was watching.  If you ever run across this I suggest buying and/or renting this, it is fascinating.  I have been receiving Nancy Zieman email updates pretty much since I discovered her site over 10 years ago.  I watch her videos over and over and read all of her posts.  She is filled with information as are her guests.  I recommend this site for everyone even remotely interested in sewing or quilting.

One morning I had the opportunity to watch an episode on Column Quilts.  I was really excited and knew I had to make one if not dozens of these quilts.  After watching the episode, I read the blog post and there was the opportunity to win her book Quick Column Quilts  so of course, I left a comment.  It was fantastic to win this book because I do plan on making each of the 13 quilts and many more!

I am once again getting very excited about sharing my Quilt Journey with everyone!  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned  I will be having a give away next week!  It is only fair and so much fun to return the gift giving part of quilting!  Have a wonderful creative day!

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