Saturday, July 18, 2015

This is the final arrangement of moving my sewing room back into the living room.  Heat is really bothering me this year and having the sewing room in our bedroom with no air conditioning was just not working for me.  I was not getting anything accomplished. 

So I moved our couch, with the help of hubby, into our bedroom and moved all sewing furniture and so forth into the living room.  I was surprised at how quickly everything happened.  I may move the two sewing machines, but for now I am testing the waters and finding out how it will all work together.

Dodger is not quite sure if she likes this new set up.  Her daytime napping place has disappeared.  LOL.

Kevin and I were headed into town to visit mom and dad when we passed a yard sale sign.  Kevin turned around after asking if he reply " You should already have done it!"  LOL.  The couple having the sale were about ready to close down for the day and head for supper.  But were kind enough to let us look.  We ended up with all of these books/magazines for free.  Yipppppeeee!
We also scored approximately 100 yards of fabrics for $15.00!  Dancing my bootie and shouting Praise the Lord!

 Sorry, I forgot how to post pictures, so they are in no sort of specific order.  It feels wonderful to be blogging once again, but it is going to take some time for me to get back in routine and figure out.

This was how the living room was set up.  But living in a trailer home adds about 20 degrees inside during the heat.  Plus, Kevin and I seem to accomplish more when we are together.  So it is a double win all the way around.

 Amazing all of this fabric for only a few dollars!  The fabrics vary from quilting cotton, wool, felt, organza, silks, upholstery and polyester.  Also included were some packages of accessories, such as rick rack, threads, needles and so much more.  I plan on using several fabrics for special gifts and also having a give away soon!  As you can see the dining table was in the dining room section, plus the ironing board.  I went ahead and moved these into the living room to create a set up that would not require so much walking back and forth.

This is just another view  at how everything was placed.  I truly hope that this setup works well together.  I know that yesterday I accomplished more cutting and sewing than I have for quite some time.  So even if I must move a few things around a bit, my living room is going to be my sewing room from here on out!

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

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  1. You gotta sew wherever you can! And I'd be dancing for that fabric score too!