Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Good Afternoon to everyone!  I had the opportunity to take some photos outside and to post them and write a tad bit of information.  Isn't this quilt just not absolutely spectacular!  I am allowed to brag every now and then about something I have sewn together.

Carole at  is the brilliant designer of this Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt that I decided to join a couple of months into the mystery.  The only reason I honestly did join was because I had just received a nifty tool for marking half square triangles called Quick Quarter 2 Quilters Rule and wanted a project to try it out on.  I have a ton of books and magazines that I could easily have found a project, but a group project just sounded so much more appealing and add into that mixture a Mystery and you bet your booties....I signed up very quickly.

I was catching up pretty nicely without any problems.  Just love the Quick Quarter 2 for marking the half square triangles.  With a piece of sandpaper under the lighter square the fabric does not move and each fabric square is marked in a matter of moments.  AWESOME!!  Carole's instructions are wonderfully written and super easy to follow.  Plus, I was so incredibly proud of myself, I did not look ahead to see what everyone else was doing and let me tell you that was really hard.  I panicked big time once when during one of the steps Carole has us sewing (using my fabric as the example) two of the teals together, one dark, then 2 more teals.  I wrote Carole and asked if I should change my fabric panicked and freaked out common sense was not telling me that wait a moment changing colors is not going to do a thing.  Carole handled me like a pro and had me unpanicked within a very quick responding email.  Everyone can get a huge laugh at my expense, when I tell you this next part, really I give total permission!!  Since I in no way was peeking or even trying to figure out what her game plan was, I was totally knocked sideways when she showed us the 2 blocks  to sew together.  I do not know why, but I really thought that it was going to be some king of mysterious way of string quilting.  So I was in awe.  As stated in my last post hubby and I love it so much we are actually going to keep it for ourselves.  Today, I am working on getting the borders started.

Fall Leaves are showing their fabulous colors here in Southern Oregon.  I love the beauty of Fall!

We have these native Oregon grapes that cover loads of trees behind the sheds (off to the side in the picture below)  that since we have lived on this property we have harvested and made Grape Juice, Jellies, Jams, Candies and Syrups with.  This year though hubby and I left them for the wild life.

The tallest Raspberry in the back is 2 years old, the remainder are 1 year old.  Boy I sure hope that next year they produce.  Raspberries are my absolute favorites.

I thought I would show another of the projects that I love to do!  Hand Embroidery!  Both of my Grandmothers did beautiful hand embroidery and they taught me some of the basic stitches that I mainly used on tea towels.  Then I just stopped doing it for who knows why or even when.   About the same time I learned to quilt, I started hand embroidery again.  Only this time on my journey, I discovered that there are so many varieties, such an unlimited number of stitches, threads and linens and such are is amazing.  Therefore, my love just continues to grow.  I especially enjoy Crewel, but most of the time I just use whatever thread I have available.  Recently, I was given a box of items at a garage sale and in that box contained a box of beads and jewelry making items.  So now I am exploring the world of beaded hand embroidery.  I have got to make a visit to the library!

Hubby and I were busy inside cleaning the living room carpet yesterday and forgot to water the Rhubarb.  Hubby is outside watering it right now.  This is the 3rd year for this plant.  We have 2 other starts planted up by the house that are doing fabulous also.  The strange weather conditions this year though, the stems are just starting to turn red.  My mouth is watering thinking about a Rhubarb pie!

My last photo of the day!  These are my Shasta Daisies.  I transplanted them to this location early this spring and they just sprung to life.  I am looking forward already to seeing them in full bloom next year.   Thank you so much for stopping by.  I love to read your comments and always try and respond as soon as I can by email.  Have a wonderful creative day!!

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  1. My breathe was taken away by the photo of your scrap dance quilt. It's beyond beautiful.